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Q: Where did the empires create colonies?
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Why do empires establish colonies?

1) to facilitate trade

What European colonies colonized south Africa?

The British and Dutch Empires.

Why is Japan the greatest?

Island Empires, such as Great Britain, etc. have to survive on IMPORTS; other wise they starve. Such being the case, these Empires must strive for conquests, consequently they must "think more & invent more" in order to survive. Result=Colonies and Empire. Colonies, which form an Empire create an extended fence which surround the "Homeland" or "Fatherland" (or "Motherland"); thus protecting it from potential enemies. As well as adding raw material wealth to the homeland. Necessity is the Mother of Invention; and Island Empires have been forced by necessity to INVENT & EXPAND...into Empires.

Why did Great Britain create empires?

because they could

What is The desire to create and possess colonial empires?


What would support the statement nations with colonies are more powerful than those without since power is needed for survival nations should create large empires?

A Social Darwinist PLATO PALS .

Age of the empires mythologies?

Age of Empires mythologies is a game where you can create mythical creatures to attack and even kill other cretures.

How were large europeans empires affected after the war?

many nations granted independence to their colonies

Should Australia have a foreign legion?

That form of service was traditionally reserved for empires that had colonies: such as France, England, or Rome. No colonies? No need for a "foreign legion"!

How large were the empires in Germany and Italy in 1870's?

Lots of land and colonies they occupied that they were uncountable

The most important economic enterprise in the colonies was?

The most important enterprises were different in separate colonies. Agriculture empires were the most important and different colonies farmed different crops and traded with the others.

What did the colonies do once on board ships?

Colonies are not on ships people are. When people arrive they create colonies.