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i believe that it is Egypt

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Q: Where did the first European settlers land in Africa?
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Who introduced the idea of privately owned land to Africa?

The practice of owning land privately was introduced into much of Africa by European settlers.

Which year did the first dutch settlers land in south Africa?

Officially in 1652

Who were among the settlers at Sagadahoc?

The first European to visit Sagadahoc was Samuel de Champlain. By 1660, English settlers owned all the land in Sagadahoc.

How did the early arrival of European settlers cause a deadly impact of the native American people?

Because, the land was first the Native American's , and the European Settler's were going to take the land away from them.

How many European countries held land in Africa in 1914?

Seven European countries held land in Africa in 1914.

Did native Americans have land European settlers wanted?


How did the early European settlers clear the land of bush?

By being cool

What European country was the first to claim land in Africa?

It was claimed by a mixture of European countries, but France had the largest claim.

What ideas did africans have about land before the arrival of europeans?

The idea of even owning land did not exist to anyone in Africa until the European's came to Africa

In the 1800s violence erupted between the Maori and European settlers over?


What most likely caused conflict between Native Americans and European Settlers?

The Native Americans had land. The European Settlers wanted it. That is not just the "most likely" cause, that is the cause.

Where did the first settlers of Connecticut come from?

Mostly from England they really could have came from anywhere