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Where did the guitar originate?

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Stringed instruments similar to the guitar have existed for a very long time and developed more than one time in different places. Stringed instruments existed even in ancient Egypt and ancient Rome. They also existed in Medieval Europe, but at that time in Europe another stringed instrument, the lute, was more popular. For most of its history, a guitar wasn't clearly defined. For example, guitar-like instruments had different numbers of strings made out of different materials. The modern guitar is very similar to a vihuela, a 17th century Spanish instrument that had 6 strings made of guts. Also, music written for the vihuela was written in pretty much the same way that music for the modern guitar is written. Still, the origin of the guitar is controversial. For example, some argue that the guitar originated in Italy rather than Spain.

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Where did the Acoustic guitar originate from?

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When did the guitar originate?


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When did the guitar first originate?

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Did the guitar originate in Europe?

Yes the guitar was invented in Spain, a European country.

Where and when did the guitar originate?

it originates in malga which is in Spain

What country did the acoustic guitar originate from?


Where and what year did the guitar originate?

in the 14th century

What country did the wooden guitar originate from?

It is from Portugal.

In what country did the word guitar originate?

in what country did the word guitar orginates form in what country did the word guitar orginates form in what country did the word guitar orginates form

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in chadderton,oldham,manchester in 2009

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It was the United States, of course

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Naples, Italy

From which country did the electric guitar originate?

like the PC (computer) the united states

When did the acoustic guitar originate?

The guitar's roots are in Spain. It was the Spaniard Antonio Torres invented it.

Where did the word guitar originate from?

Etymology: French guitare, from Spanish guitarra,from Arabic qītār, from Greek kithara cithara

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the first original electric solid body guitar was invented by adolph rickenbacker in 1931. This first guitar was called the frying pan. The instrument was created in 1931 by George Beauchamp, and subsequently manufactured by Rickenbacker Electro.

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The Dobro originated from the Dobro Manufacturing Company in 1928. The Dobro is a resonator guitar designed by John Dopyera.

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The first bass guitar was made by Audiovox in Seattle, WA, USA. Bass guitars didn't become popular until Fender, another American company started making them.

Were did the electric guitar originate?

United states, a company called rickenbacker is credited with it, the first guitar ever was called a frying pan. Years later Gibson and fender would take over the industry with their innovations.

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