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the loyalists left because the loyalists asked to have their land back that was destroyed in the American revolution, and the Americans refused to do this.

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When did loyalists immigrate to Canada?

Some loyalists immigrated before the American Revolution, but most left the Thirteen Colonies after the American Revolution in 1783.

Where did the patriots and loyalists reside?

Patriots and loyalists resided in the American colonies. The main concentration of patriots was in the northern colonies, while the main concentration of loyalists was in the southern colonies.

Did all citizens of the Thirteen Colonies support the war with Britain?

No people that side with Britain where called loyalists No not all the people did. No not all the people did.

Who are the loyalist and the patriots?

In reference to United States history loyalists and patriots were the people living in the original thirteen colonies. Loyalists were loyal to the British government and therefore branded loyalists. Patriots were the revolutionaries who wanted their own government without control from Great Britain.

Why are the thirteen colonies the thirteen colonies?

because there were 13 colonies established in the Americas

When did Thirteen Colonies end?

Thirteen Colonies ended in 1776.

Which came first the revolutionary war or the thirteen colonies?

The thirteen colonies. When we won the war, the colonies became the first thirteen states.

Why are there thirteen stipes on the flag?

Each stripe represents one of the thirteen colonies. Thirteen stripes because there were thirteen colonies!

Who governed the thirteen colonies?

George Washington governed the thirteen colonies.

What continent is thirteen colonies in?

Thirteen colonies is in the continent North America

How did loyalists view the patriots?

Their enemies were the Patriots, the Patriots were the colonists. A group of people who fought for the thirteen colonies. The Loyalists thought of them as untrained soldiers, and they were correct. From an Americans point of view a Loyalist was a traitor who turned against the colonists to go with the British government.

How can you show the map of thirteen original colonies?

type in thirteen colonies in google

Was Kentucky one of the original thirteen colonies?

no it was not one of the thirteen original colonies.

Which was the last of the thirteen colonies to be settled?

The last of the thirteen colonies to be settled was Georgia.

How were loyalists treated in the colonies?


What group represented the thirteen colonies?

The Thirteen Colonies were British colonies in North America that were divided into New England,Middle colonies, and Southern colonies.....

What state was not one of the original thirteen colonies?

Maine was not one of the original thirteen colonies.

Who were the loyalists and where did they live?

loyalists where people who lived in the 13 colonies but where still loyal to the England.

Where did most of the Loyalists population live in the thirteen colonies?

New England. They had stronger ties to England due to the fact that many colonists there were merchants whose livelihoods were reliant on the motherland.

Who was a loyalist to Britain?

A loyalist to Britiain was a person in the thirteen colonies that remained loyal to them, and would fight for them to the death. Many of the Loyalists were army officers, while others were common farmers, carpenters, blacksmiths, and merchants. Because the majority of the Loyalists were men in the army, Britain gave the Loyalists land and tools to build houses in Canada. So the British looked at the Loyalists with respect.

Where did the loyalists live?

The loyalists were individuals that once lived in England and chose to move to the 13 colonies throughout the New World. Despite their decision to relocate to the New World, these individuals maintained their loyalty to England.

What does the Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies have to do with the Revolution?

The Declaration of Independence was the written separation from England by the Thirteen Colonies. It basically stated that England no longer had control over the colonies, and was signed by the representatives of the Thirteen Colonies.

Which colonies were loyalists to the British?

they died the ones who were

Whenwhy was New York one of the thirteen colonies?

was new york was the first thirteen colonies

What were the reasons the thirteen colonies were founded?

the reason why the thirteen colonies where founded because of trade reasons