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They were originally brought to Europe from western Asia by the Romans, who then also introduced them to Britain, from where they were introduced to America.

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Q: Where did the pheasant originate?
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Where does the pheasant originate?

Originally the Pheasant was a native of China

How do you catch a pheasant?

you catch a pheasant with your hands

How long do you cook a pheasant?

You can cook pheasant chopped up in several different recipes. Or you can roast pheasant in the oven. It takes about 1.5 hours to roast a pheasant.

What is the largest bird pigeon magpie pheasant?

a pheasant

Is a pheasant an animal?

Yes, a pheasant is a type of bird.

Is the word 'pheasant' a common or personal noun?

Pheasant is a type of bird. Peasant is a common noun.

What is a male pheasant called?

A male pheasant is called a cock

How do you spell pheasant?

That is the correct spelling of "pheasant" (a game bird).

When does a pheasant lay her eggs?

The pheasant lays her eggs in May.

What is the German translation of pheasant?

The pheasant translates as der Fasan.

When was Steven Pheasant born?

Steven Pheasant was born in 1951.

What kind of pheasant has yellow feathers protruding from the eyes?

Very likely a Red Golden Pheasant or Chinese Golden Pheasant

How do you use a word pheasant in a sentences?

A pheasant is a game bird with long, trailing tail feathers. Here are some sentences.The pheasant burst into flight in front of me, startling all of us.I went pheasant hunting with my brother.She wore a pheasant feather in her hat as a decoration.

What state has the longest pheasant season?

Which state has the longest pheasant season?

What kind of habitat does a pheasant live in?

why dose the pheasant live in the canpey

Does a pheasant get paralyzed by a horses hair?

No, horse hair will not paralyze a pheasant.

Is a pheasant a bird that is made up?

The "pheasant" is a real life bird.

Is a pheasant a rooster?

No, a pheasant is a game bird while roosters are male chickens

When was Ted Pheasant born?

Ted Pheasant was born on 1877-02-15.

When did Ted Pheasant die?

Ted Pheasant died on 1910-07-17.

What is the national bird of Japan?

pheasant The Green Pheasant is the national bird of Japan.

What noise does a pheasant make?

It is quite difficult to put down the sound of a pheasant in words. However if you look at the related link below, you can listen to the sound of a pheasant.

Which Indian state's symbol is the Monal pheasant?

Which Indian state's symbol is the Monal pheasant?

How long does it take for a pheasant to hatch?

Pheasant eggs hatch in 18 to 20 days.

What is a female pheasant called?

A female pheasant is called a hen. Possibly also a peahen