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I'm not entirely sure where the phrase 'just ducky' orignates, but when somebody says they are 'just ducky', it means they are very well.


indeed ducky has meant excellent since the 19th century

as well as darling charming cute etc

& it has been suggested that the word & phrase came from someones dug or dugs

if not from those of anne Boleyn in particular

since Henry VIII is known to have written of them to her around 1536

whose pritty duckys i trust shortly to kysse

but not everyone agrees just ducky came from a duggy 16th century ducky at all

as it could also have just come from any duck on any pond at any time

or from a medieval dutch word docke meaning a doll


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The phrase "just ducky" originated in the 1920s as a slang term meaning "excellent" or "awesome." It is often used as a lighthearted response when asking someone how they are feeling or doing, suggesting that they are doing well or everything is going smoothly.

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Q: Where did the phrase or cliche just ducky come from and what does it mean as an answer when you ask someone how they are?
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