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Q: Where did they keep the animals inside medieval castles?
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Why did castles have stables and why was the care of horses so important - medieval times?

Castles have stables to keep animals and horses were so important because they needed them fr when there was an attack.

What are round keep castles?

Round Keep Castles were a type of castle during the medieval times. They were not built on a motte, unlike shell keeps. They were an adaptation of the square keep castles except they had round or polygonal walls. Medieval builders couldn't make the round keep castles as big as the square keep castles, so they were often cramped for space.

What was a keep?

a keep was a magical place in medieval castles

What types of medieval castles were there?

mote and bailey castles and stone keep castles and Concentric Castles

Why did castles have a keep?

A keep is a very important part of a medieval castle. It is the castles finial defence from attackers.

Where was the keep in medieval castles?

The castle or "keep" is the same place.

Are stone keep castles Medieval?

yes, stone keep castles were built in the medival times/ middle ages

Where were the bedrooms in medieval castles?

They were in the keep, which is where the royal family lives.

What is a stone keep castles?

A stone keep castle is a large structure that, in the medieval times, protected the country from invaders. Also, stone keep castles were used to keep an eye on the citizens. All type of castles have many soldiers in them.

Why were stone keep castles hard to attack?

Stone or square keep castles were first built in Medieval England by William the Conqueror. Stone keep castles were the natural extension of motte and bailey castles. Motte and bailey castles were only temporary features (though many mottes exist to the day) while stone keep castles were built to last

What are shell keep castles made from and why?

Shell keep castles are medieval fortresses that are usually built upon a motte. They are made from stone. Some examples of stone keep castles include the Round Tower on Windsor Castle and the Clifford's Tower on York Castle.

Who lived in a square keep castle?

Square keep castles were one form of castles common throughout Medieval Europe. They were commonly inhabited by local feudal lords or higher nobility.

What were the medieval drawbridges used for?

the medieval drawbridges were used for people to cross the water without touching the water and to keep the enemies away from the castles.

How did they protect the castles medieval?

The main protecters are archers and knights. Walls make it hard to fire at the inside of castles. The drawbridges allow certain people to go inside the castle, while the enemy stay out. Knights attack the enemy, trying to keep them away from the castle. Archers do the same, but from the top of the castle. Moats make it hard for the enemy tho climb and get inside.

Information on stone keep castles?

Stone keep castles were first built in Medieval England by William the Conqueror. Stone allowed the castles to be build higher than previous wooden castles. This gave them the great advantage of visibility, allowing defenders to see enemies coming from a great distance.

Why are stone keep castles called stone keep castle?

This is because the keep itself is made out of Stone. they were built in medieval times.

Do medieval castles still exist?

Medival castles do still exist in various places around the world. They are not being constructed in this age, but remain as historical landmarks. There are quite a few types of castles around the world including: Motte and bailey castles, Stone castles, square keep castles etc...

When were stone castles built?

Stone or square keep castles were first built in Medieval England by William the Conqueror. Stone keep castles were the natural extension of motte and bailey castles. Motte and bailey castles were only temporary features (though many mottes exist to this day) while stone keep castles were built to last. (this was copyed and pasted off the website below.)Go to for more information.

How were catapults used in Medieval Times?

catapults were used to keep there castles safe and attack the enemy from far distances heavy bolders

What are the types of castles in medieval Romes in England?

stone keep, shell keep, square tower,concentric and another 1 which i cn't remember!! == == stone keep, concentric, shell keep, motte and bailey and square tower!!

What did castles keep out?


Why are stone keep castles built?

To replace Motte and bailey castles. Motte and Bailey castles were wood castles built on a man made mound of earth (motte) with a section around the motte for the staff to live in (the bailey). Motte and bailey castles were only temporary and they were quick to build. They weren't very good in defence because they could burn - they were made of wood. Stone keep castles took months, maybe even years, to build but they were untouchable compared to the motte and baileys. Also, because they were made of stone, they lasted a long time. Most of the stone keep castles that are standing today were built in the medieval period.

Are stone keep castles the same as square keep castles?

Yes they are

What was the main tower of a castle in feudal times?

In the medieval period it was called a donjon. After the medieval period, when castles were no longer being built, the term used was "keep", a word that is widely used, incorrectly, today.

What are keeps in stone castles?

A 'keep' is the central building inside a Castle and the place where all the valuable commodities were 'kept'