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People immigrate to Mexico from all over the world. Most people who immigrate to Mexico come from the US. Reasons for coming to Mexico often include lower health care costs, warmer climate, and generally a more relaxed lifestyle.


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Mexican immigrants were coming to what it now the United States of America before the USA was formed.

Because "here" was part of Mexico at the time, until the Mexican-American War (1846-1848)

Canada has always allowed Mexican immigrants into Canada.

Ilegal Brazilian immigrants had come to the United States throughout the Mexican border when Mexico did not entail visa for Brazilian citizens.

Mexican immigrants were welcome in America, the only exception was when jobs were scarce.

because they were looking for jobs to earn money for their families

Ask the Mexican Family face to face. "Are you illegal immigrants?".

Answerthey were looking for jobs and also looking for a new life for their families

The advantage of Mexican immigrants for them) are:better jobsbetter cleanliness (we are cleaner)and a lot more reasons that i cant answer...

Mexican immigrants didn't settle in Texas...before the war Texas was a PART of's more like the immigrants didn't leave.

large numbers of Mexican immigrants are a twentieth-century phenom- enon, beginning during the Mexican Revolution of 1910-1920. Of the total 5.6 million Mexican immigrants between 1820 and 1997, more than 3.4 million immigrated between 1981 and 1997.

immigrants come from mountains

It was the other way around: America got to these immigrants.

Mexican immigrants filled many agricultural jobs and were willing to work for low wages.

Mexican immigrants who are known to be zombies.

30.7 percent of the immagrant population is Mexican

WHere do illegal immigrants come from.

Mexican immigrants filled many agricultural jobs and were willing to work for low wages.

Many Mexican immigrants moved to the West and worked on ranches and farms. However, not all Mexican immigrants did this. Different people settled in different parts of the country depending on where their community or family was. Many Mexican immigrants can also find work in construction and carpentry. On that basis many can find work in the Northeast USA, and other locations.

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Immigrants come from any part of the world!

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