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The Mountains

Full sun, well drained soil is best. Do not plant near cedar trees as cedar can develop a fungus called apple rust which can effect your apple crop.

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Where do apple trees grow?

Apple trees grow in temperate climates.

Do apple grow on pam trees?

Apples grow on apple trees.

Why do apples grow on apple trees?

God made apples grow on apple trees.

Do apples grow on cherry trees?

Obviously not. They grow on apple trees.

Do apples grow on apple trees?

Yes, apples do grow on apple trees. From what I've heard, that's the only place they grow.

Can apple trees grow in Canada's forests?

Apple trees do not grow well in ANY forest. They need sunlight to grow well.

If apple trees grow in an orchard where do orange trees grow?

Oranges grow in groves.

Where do apple grow?


Where does the apple tree grow?

Apple trees grow in cooler climates. In India apple trees are grown in Kashmir, Himanchal Pradesh and Uttrakhand.

Where do apples grow from?

Apples grow on apple trees which are planted with apple seeds.

Do apple trees grow from the seeds in an apple?


What kind of trees do apples grow on?

Apple trees

Were do apples live?

Apples are living things. They grow on apple trees. They have seeds inside of them that can grow more apple trees.

Is an apple tree a living thing if so can it grow oranges?

Only orange trees can grow oranges. Apple trees can only grow apples.

What trees grow in England?

Many different species of trees grow in England, from elms to apple trees.

Why apple trees do not grow in Kerala and coconut cannot be grown in Kashmir?

apple trees grow in the cold climate and the coconut trees need water for dispersal

What is the name of the place where apple trees grow?

An apple orchard

What type of fruit trees grow in Colorado?

apple trees and maybe orange trees not too many though. the climate isnt the best for fruit

Why do apple trees bloom in the spring but not in the summer?

Apple trees grow in the spring because the flowers bloom in the Spring. For Apple trees to bloom they need to be pollinated.

What makes an apple?

Apples grow on trees.

Where do crab apple trees grow?


Where can an apple be found?

Apples grow on trees.

Does miseltoe grow on apple trees?

It does not butthead

What are things that apples grow on or with?

Apple trees.

Do apple trees grow in Peru?


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