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Different countries.

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Where do fruits come from?

fruits come from trees, they are the seed barrers of the tree

How does fruit get its taste?

The sweet taste comes from sugars while sour tastes come from organic acids but the aromatic flavours come form a variety of chemical compounds some of which are called esters. Different fruit varieties have different combinations of these chemicals which means that the fruits will taste different. Fruits have evolved to taste good so as to attract animals to eat the fruits and disperse the seeds.

How many different fruits are there in the world?

There are over 2000 different fruits in the world.

Where does a fruit come from?

Most fruits come from trees or shrubs but some fruits come from herbaceous perennials, biennials and annuals.

Where citrus fruit comes from?

citrus fruits can come from a tree as well like lemons limes and oranges all come from a tree and are all citrus fruits but apples mangos and cherries also come from trees and are not citrus fruits they are tree fruits

Why do leaves come in different colors?

plants contain chlorophyll.chloroplast is the apparatus of chlorophyll.leaves contain chloroplast which gives green color to the leaves. where as the roots contain lecoplast which is colorless to the root and fruits contain chromoplast which gives different color to the fruits.

Where does carrots come from?

They are grown in lots of Areas in the USA but in Bakersfield Ca alot of them are grown with alot of different fruits and vegetables.

How do you get different plants on Animal Crossing?

at tom nooks stores, or you can get different fruits if your friends have other fruits

How come your papaya fruit is not sweet?

Not all fruits are sweet... Its just the way it is. Every fruit is different... They grow different, they need different things to be able to flourish a well as growing in different places.

Why do different citrus fruits conduct electricity more than others?

There are different acidity levels in the citrus fruits.

Where do papaya fruits come from?


What fruits come from Idaho?


Where do seed come from?

Seeds come from plants that produce fruits after fertilization. They can be in pods, fruits and even like the dandelion that has light seeds.

Where do the fruits and vegetables at the local grocery store come from?

From different places. Most of them grown unnaturally so that they're always available.

Which fruits are needed to get vitamins?

Different fruits contain different vitamins. The rule of thumb is to eat different coloured fruit and veg because the pigments contain different nutrients.

Where did pumpkin seeds come from?

They come from a pumpkin like many fruits

Is calorie a nutrient?

No; calories are an energy-measure. They can come from different types of nutrients: from meats or fish, from fats or oils, from fruits or vegetables, etc.

What is the different between fruits and vegetables?

All registered fruits have seeds. Tomatoes are fruits. Can you think of a common veggie with seeds?

What are the different fruits you get in five seasons of India?

Some of the different fruits that you can get in the five seasons of India include apricots, apples, and amla. You can also get breadfruits, bignay, and Buddha's Hand fruits.

Is an apple a pear?

No. They are different fruits.

What fruits conduct electricity?

Acid fruits do this. Lemons, oranges, grapefruit come to mind immediately.

Why do fruit flies exist?

They love fruits and if you eat fruits a fruit fly might come there

Name the acids present in fruits and vegetables?

Different acids are present in different fruits and vegetables but the acids present are weak acids.

Where do the majority of the world's fruits come from?


Where do the fruits in monavie come from?

Most of them are from the Amazon

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