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The concept of the werewolf is independent of location. Many prehistoric people recognized the phenomena of psychosis and in similar ways tried to explain it away using the concept of 'the creature within'. Lycaon however is a legendary figure, the first king of Arcadia, who Zeus turned into a wolf because he served Zeus human flesh. It is from King Lycaon that the term Lycanthrope and related terms are derived so we would have to say that Lycans come from Arcadia, a small city state founded by the Mycenaean Greeks named after Arcas.
Some wish to distinguish Lycans from werewolves and there may be an argument made for Lycans being desended from Lycaon.
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What is a lycan?

Lycan is a werewolf, and is a shortened version of "lycanthrope". It was first discovered in Greek Mythology, werewolf meaning Man Wolf. Several ways to become a lycanthrope, AKA moonlight therian, including wearing a complete wolfskin belt pacing in the moonlight,cooking soup including wolfsbane an ( Full Answer )

What are Lycans?

Lycans are werewolves. Answer The term 'Lycanthrope' was never shortened in that fashion until the movie Underworld came out. So there is no historical precedent for 'lycans'. They exist only in the movie "Underworld" and its sequels. Spiritual therianthropy, however, is real. But no self-r ( Full Answer )

What makes a lycan a lycan?

King Lycaon was transformed into a wolf by Zeus as punishment for trying to feed the God human flesh. . Certain magical items such as belts or fur suits or body lotion can transform people into 'lycans'. . A curse. . Being bit by a lycan and contracting the contagion. . Viewing your reflection i ( Full Answer )

Are lycans real?

No, Lycans are not real. The term was created for the movie "Underworld". Lycanthropy is a psychological condition in which an individual suffers from the delusion that they are turning into a wild animal. Spiritual therianthropy is the belief or feeling that one is a non-human animal in mind and ( Full Answer )

How do you know if your a lycan?

This is actually a good question as many people with this condition do often suffer sever denial. . Black-outs. Periods of time that you cannot account for, primarily at night. . Lunacy . Cyclic behaviorism following a monthly pattern. . Hypersensitivity . Unaccountable good health and vigou ( Full Answer )

How do you become a lycan?

Lycans, also known as werewolves, are not mythical beasts. as a lycan i can tell you that its not fun but here are some things ive seen (i was born a shapeshifter) like drinking from a wolves footprink, magical rivers, Potions!

What is the enemy of a lycan?

a lycan has sevral enemies you could say a vampire but vampires are more enemie to were wolfs witch is compleatly opposite of a lycan. lets start with what a lycan is.. a lycan is a holy creater. a lycan is like gods knight, its clsoe to being gods pet. gods dog. loyal to the holy words of the bible ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a lycan and a werewolf?

Recent attempts at terminology have suggested the distinction of werewolves reproduce by biting victims lycans reproduce by the ordinary method and inherit the condition. People who are werewolves (for example: prof. lupin from Harry Potter) ONLY change from human to wolf at full moon and ( Full Answer )

How do you kill a Lycan?

Depending on what you are referring to with the term Lycan, there are many things which can kill them. In terms of the Underworld Series, silver severely weakens a lycan, and a heavy amount can kill. If can also kill them if silver is introduced directly into the bloodstream, causing a mass and i ( Full Answer )

What is the opposite of a lycan?

To use the older term, werewolf (< were= man, wolf ), the opposite of a man (or woman) who turns into a wolf would be a wolf who turns into a woman or man, or a wolfwere .

How big do lycans get?

pretty normal sized, if you are looking for..werewolf sized, then their the size of wolves.

Are lycans astral shifters?

No, Lycan is the word for someone who has lycanthropy, which is the werewolf disease.

Was Underworld Rise Of The Lycans good?

Underworld Rise Of The Lycans is a very good film. It does not have Kate Beckinsale in it as the others do but it has Rhona Mitra satrring as Sonja, who was Victor's daughter. This film is about Sonja and what happened to her and why she was killed. Lucien who Sonja loved, had spoken about it in the ( Full Answer )

How come people think that werewolves are now called lycans because lycans are half werewolf half vampire not full werewolf?

The word "Lycans" come from the greek way of saying werewolf "Lycanthropes". More info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Werewolf. The term lycanthropes come from an ancient King of Arcadia who Zeus turned into a wolf for serving him human flesh so the term lycan has a more ancient source than werewolf. ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between lycans and vampires?

Those with lycanthropy turn into a wolf on the full moon and not by will. Vampires are vampires every second of their existence and can only come out any time during the night.

Have you seen a Lycan?

Yes, more than once. Their 2 of my friends, I haven't seen a female yet.

Are do you know if your a lycan?

your shap changes and you might black out and not remember the night all your sences will be hightend

What is lycan sclerosis?

Lichen sclerosis is a rare disease that causes patches of skin toturn white. It can be painful or itchy and scarring may result inthe area.

What do lycans eat?

meat of any kind they also eat humans they eat the same thing a werewolves

What are vampire and lycan hybrid traits?

Pretty much not that different. Hybrids handle blood lust better than vampires do, they get that from the lycan part. Lycans are warriors while vampires are brutal and beautiful. Hybrids get the best of both worlds. Plus the strength and multiple talents of the 2 combined in 1.

In adventure quest how do you become a lycan?

On the adventure quest map. On the top left handed corner you will see Darkovia Forest. Do become a Lycan you must join the were-Wolf race. It is also in the armor shop. :) Also when u click on darkovia a mini map will come on. On the top Middle it says Wolf Lair.Click on that :)

How do you become lycan in AQWorlds?

To become lycan you have to buy the armor and helm at the store at the lycan ridge and buy lycan head Morph and lycan knight but for the helm you have to be rank 4 in lycan and for the armor you have to be rank 6 I'm rank 4 because I didn't want to get the armor yet I'm going to try to get to rank 6 ( Full Answer )

How do you get lycan knight in aq worlds?

Ummmm.......you mean the armor? you have to got lycan reputation from FAOPAW or the werewolf king. you have to be rank 6 on the reputation and it costs 40.000 golds..no need to upgrade, location Lycan Ridge COMPLETE ALL THE QUESTS FROM THE WEREWOLF KING FIRST!!! I'm Cinnia on AQW

How do you become a lycan in aq?

Travel to Darkovia and go to the "werewolf lair". Talk to the werewolf king and you'll be a lycan or werewolf or whatever you want to call it. To stop being a werewolf or lycan go to "the cure" in Darkovia.

Who is stronger Lycan or Vampire?

the lycan(werewolf) is more stronger and faster than a vampire.people say vampires are faster and stronger cus of twilight but lycans are more great....cus in just one bite it can instantly kill a vampire... :D

Why are all lycans male?

They aren't all male. See: Wolf - Michelle Pfieffer becomes one. Ginger Snaps Ginger Snaps II Any of the Howling series I-IV

Do lycans still exist today?

Lycans and Vampires are not real. They are just fictional creatures made by people for literature or for some to keep their children home at night. There is no proof of them living or if they lived.

How do know if your a lycan?

You would know if you were a lycan because you would have been born one and brought up as one. If you knew you were a lycan you wouldn't have to ask a question on this website to find out if you really were.

Where do you get lycan kinght on aq?

/join lycan then when you finish the quest of constantin go to faopaw and shop buy lycan knight but you need rank 6 to get lycan knight trust me it help you this answer.

Underworld rise of lycans story?

The general theme of lycans (or lycanthropes, meaning werewolves), is the subject of numerous stories and movies. Their underworld rise is described in many different ways. Most recently, the race of Lycans is described in the Underworld movies, and the story is to be left to the viewer, so as not ( Full Answer )

How do you get a lycan head in AQWorlds?

You must do the the lycan ridge quests then talk to faopaw and do his quets to earn rep with the lycans. Then, once you get rank 4 with the lycans, you can buy it for 2500 gold in faopaw's shop.(its a non-mem helm)

Is a vampir better than a lycan?

Tricky question... In my opinion, no, a vampire is not better than a lycan. In my opinion they are both beautiful creatures, I'm a vampire so I'm not sure how a lycan would feel, but I think they are equally fine. But each has its draw-backs of course.

Do you believe in lycans?

Well you should. because lycans do happen to be real. My proof is to stay on this website but type in "are lycans real?" and that should give your the answer. and go to bing.com and press images then type lycan and all these different pictures of them will pop up. when you read the passage from the ( Full Answer )

Are lycans evil?

These fictional beings from the "Underworld" movies are not portrayed as being evil. They are dangerous and violent, but they are complex, like human folk--not black and white.

How tall are lycans?

Most are very tall, at best somewhere in the 6' range. Lycans CAN be short though...

Why do werewolves and vampires hate lycans?

They don't. Real vampires and spiritual therianthropes are irritated with people who call themselves lycans, because 'Lycan' is a made-up term from the 'Underworld' movie series, and the term lycanthrope was never shortened in that fashion prior to the 'Underworld' film. In the context OF that fi ( Full Answer )

How do you upgrade your lycan on adventurequest?

Talk to the leader of the Lycans about levelling up your class, do the quest. If you succeed, you'll get a level up. If not, you don't lose a level or anything -- No penalty.

What abilities does a lycan have?

The abilities they have are speed and super strength but they use there abilities to protect us from vampires and help use but in movies they lie! and try to make us scared and make werewolves fell bad I know what it's like so if your a werewolf and you don't want to be one don't fell bad I've actul ( Full Answer )

Can a werewolf control lycan form?

That is dependant on wether he is an alpha or a beta. beta is one that is bitten, he can not control it but alpha born a werewolf has complete control exept for the hunger that he feels

Do lycans exists?

Yes. Lycan is an uncommon family name, probably a derivation of Leikam, which is of German origin.

Who would win lycan or vampire?

It depends on the criteria of competition . sporting event ---- lycan . beauty contest ----vampire . quiz show-----------vampire . mascot eliminations----lycan

Can a person change in to a lycan?

\n. well i think so but i have been feeling a little strange i eat a lot love to run and i can see at night

What is the meaning of the word lycan?

The word lycan describes a animal, which is a bit similar to a werewolf. A big different stands in the fact of the control: A lycan has the control about its transformation, a werewolf has it not.

In the Underworld series of films what are lycans?

In the Underworld series, Lycans, are a second breed of werewolves. They were created when a first breed would bite a human and they themselves become a second breed with human like capabilities. They are constantly at war fighting with vampires.

When did Gary Lycan die?

Gary Lycan died on April 9, 2013, in Santa Ana, California, USA of prostate cancer.