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Earthquakes most occur in something called a fault zone

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Where do most earthquakes on earth occur?

Most earthquakes occur at or near the boundaries between tectonic plates.

What layer of the earth causes earthquakes?

Earthquakes occur in the crust, which is the innermost layer of the Earth. Earthquakes occur when two blocks of the Earth slip past each other.

Where do earthquakes and volcanoes occur most?

they are formed along the crustal movements of the earth.

Where do earthquakes occur most?

Earthquakes occur mostly is in Claifornia.

Do most earthquakes occur on fault lines?

Most earthquakes do occur on fault lines.

Where on earth has had the most earthquakes?

The majority of earthquakes occur on or near fault lines - the boundaries between tectonic plates. To actually see where earthquakes occur, try finding a historical seismicity map.

Where on earth do most of the earthquakes occur?

of course in earth's crust !maybe in the Philippines:)mhaezx

Where do most volcanoes and earthquakes occur?

Most earthquakes and volcanoes occur in or near plate boundaries.

Where in the United States do most earthquakes occur?

The most earthquakes occur in Alaska, followed by California.

Where do most earthquakes occur around the world?

Most earthquakes occur where the edges of Earth's plates are.

Where is earthquakes most likely to occur?

earthquakes are most likely to occur on the rim of tectonic plates

Can you explain why earthquakes don't happen everywhere on Earth?

Earthquakes occur on fault lines, which are not everywhere on earth.

Where earthquakes have hit the most?

Earthquakes occur most in the Indonesian area.

What are the effects earthquakes have on water supply?

Earthquakes occur and water sinks into the Earth.

Do earthquakes occur as earth's plates collide?

Yes that is generally where most earthquakes occur

In which country most earthquakes occur?

Most earthquakes occur in Russia, due to the size of Russia alone. However, this does not mean that all earthquakes are felt, as most earthquakes are too small to feel.

Earthquakes occur most often along the?

Earthquakes occur most often along the boundaries of tectonic plates.

Where are earthquakes formed the most?

most earthquakes occur in the Pacific Ring of Fire. edit: I believe the answer you're looking for is that most earthquakes occur on the boundaries of tectonic plates.

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