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Nowhere. Fairies do not exist.

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Where do kind fairies live?

Fairies live in books, legends, and imagination ( Disneyland, of course). They are not real so they do not really exist or live in any real place.

Do fairies live in Nevada?

Well, I do believe there are some drag shows in Vegas ... Fairies ... the magical kind ... are not real and do not live anywhere.

Are fairies real in real life?

Fairies are deffinetly not real. But butterflies are like fairies.

Are all fairies real?

No. No fairies are real.

Do fairies live in Australia?

Fairies do live in Australia but most of the fairies live in Amercia. ALL fairies live in your mind.

Are flower fairies real how do you catch them?

No. Fairies are not real.

How do you see real fairies?

You cannot. Fairies are not real.

Do fairies live under mushrooms?

Fairies do not exist in real life, though they are somtimes depicted as living under mushrooms.

How can you catch a real live fairy?

You cannot catch a fairy as they are not real. Fairies are nothing but myth.

Where fairies real in shakespeare time?

No. Fairies were never real.

Are fairies true?

No, Fairies are not real.

Can you ask fairies to turn into fairies?

fairies arnt real

Where do real fairys live?

Fairies live in the forest mostly in the Europe area but house fairies are common in the USA they live in the the wall of your house and are Really shy and come out around 2:30 AM

How do you see fairies?

Fairies are not real . You can not see them.

Can fairies live inside?

yes fairies can live iside

Are fairy’s real?

Fairies, much like angels are inter-dimensional beings who live in a realm between realms. Fairies are very much real spiritual beings, just as angels are real spiritual beings. Both angels and fairies are spiritual beings of the light, but they exist at different levels of vibration.

Can you see fairies?

No. Fairies are not real, so you cannot see them. If fairies were real and one happened to come up to you, than you would definitely see them, but they are not real.

What real fairies have real pixie dust?

None do. Fairies are not real creatures. Fairies do not have pixies dust. They have fairy dust. Only pixies have pixie dust.

Are fairies real I Believe in fairies I Believe in fairies?

Fairies are a fantasy that are made up in the movies, and in stories.

Do fairies make babies?

Fairies aren't real.

Are tooth fairies real or not?

no they are not real

Can fairies give you fairy dust?

No, fairies aren't real.

Pictures of not real fairies?

Pictures of fairies that were not real were taken by Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths in 1917. The fairies were called the Cottingley Fairies and were made from cutouts from a book that was popular at the time.

How do you become a real live fairy?

There is no way of becoming a real fairy as fairies are not real and you cannot change into something else. The closest you can get is to wear a costume.

What are woodland fairies?

probaly fairies that live in the woods

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