Seals and Sea Lions

Where do sea lions live?

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Sea lions are any of seven species in six genera of modern

pinnipeds including one extinct one (the Japanese sea lion). Sea

lions are characterized by the presence of external ear pinnae or

flaps, long front flippers, and the ability to walk on four

flippers on land. Their range extends from the subarctic to

tropical waters of the global ocean in both the northern and

southern hemispheres with the notable exception of the Atlantic

Ocean. They are generally found in shallow waters of coastal areas

of both with abundant food resources.

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Sea Lions originally lived in the northern Pacific and slowly moved

to the south Pacific. Sea lions are seldom found in the Arctic and

never found in the Atlantic Ocean.

The California sea lion can be found along the coast of

California and Mexico.

The South American species is found mostly in the southern half

of the continent with colonies found from southern Brazil to Chile

and Peru. The best known are those of the Falkland Islands. Two

other species are found in the southern hemisphere. The Australian

sea lion and the New Zealand sea lion.

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