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anywere as long as its cool

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Q: Where do squid live in the ocean?
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Related questions

Do squid live oil around the ocean?

squid do live oil in the ocean

Do squid live in the ocean?

Yes, squid live in the ocean. They live very deep under the water.

What depth does a squid live in the ocean?

Squid can be found in all levels of the ocean.

How do squid live in the desert?

Squid do not live in a desert. They are an ocean species.

How deep do squid live in the ocean?

They live in deep trenches in the ocean.

Where do squid live?

in the ocean

Where does squid live in the ocean?

they live 10 to 15000 feet down in the ocean

Which ocean do giant squid live in?

giant octopus live in the pacific ocean

Where in Antarctica do squid live?

Antarctica is a continent. Squid are marine animals. This means that squid live in the Southern Ocean that surrounds the Antarctic continent.

What ocean zone does Humboldt squid live in?

The Pacific Ocean .

Where do giant squid like to live in the ocean?

the warmest ocean

Where does a vampire squid live?

in the ocean

Where does giant squid live?

the ocean

Do Arctic char eat squid?

no! squid live in the ocean wile arctic char live in freshwater places

What kind of biome does a colossal squid live in?

The colossal squid lives in the ocean biome. These squid can be found in the deep ocean, but may also come in closer to shore.

What carnavores live in the ocean?

Sharks (Fish), Sperm Whales (Squid), Squid (Fish).

Does squid live in the arctic ocean?


What ocean zone does vampire squid live in?

Vampire Squid live in the Abyssal Zone, also known as the Midnight Zone.

Do vampier squids live in the Pacific Ocean?

yes the vampier squid dose live in the pacific ocean.

What kinds of animals live in the ocean?

Squid Magnapinna

What layer of ocean do squid live in?

They live in the Twilight (middle) or Midnight (bottom)

What ocean does the Vampire Squid from Hell live in?

the dead sea

What animals live in twilight zone of the ocean?

The vampire squid.

What are the animals that live in deep ocean?

Anglerfish and Giant Squid

Where is the location giant squid?

they live in the ocean so warner