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Squid do not live in a desert. They are an ocean species.


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A squid lives in the oceans.

squid do live oil in the ocean

Yes, squid live in the ocean. They live very deep under the water.

The piglet squid live 100m to 300m under the sea

Antarctica is a continent. Squid are marine animals. This means that squid live in the Southern Ocean that surrounds the Antarctic continent.

Giant squid can live to about 5 years.

No. Squid generally live in warmer water, but there are some squid species that live in the Southern Oceans. Antarctica is a continent, and squid prefer life in the water.

A giant squid can live thousands of feet under water. The squid often stay in the deepest bodies of water they can find.

no! squid live in the ocean wile arctic char live in freshwater places

No. Squid are saltwater creatures, and crayfish live in freshwater.

Squid can be found in all levels of the ocean.

Yes. Squid are found in Australian waters. The four main species of squid in Australia are the Loligo squid, Gould's squid, Southern calamari and Northern calamari.

Vampire Squid live in the Abyssal Zone, also known as the Midnight Zone.

No, none have been captured alive, but there are photographs of live giant squid.

Yes, I live in the desert biome. I live in the Chihuahuan Desert.

Yes, some squid species live in the Abyssal plain. One of the largest predators in this area is the giant squid. Other squid species that make this biome their home include the vampire squid.

Yes, desert dwellers live in a desert.

Sharks (Fish), Sperm Whales (Squid), Squid (Fish).

Behined you..............................

I live in the Chihuahuan Desert.

they live in any desert example the Kalahari desert that is why they live in deserts

Yes goats do live in the desert

Snails have a shell, live on land. Squid live in the water, have tentacles, swim really well.

A giant squid can live up to five years. Female giant squid die soon after releasing her eggs. Male squids can mate through out their lives.

I live in the Chihuahuan Desert and bears do live here, primarily in the mountains.

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