Where do stingrays live?

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Well, they live in the the bottom of the ocean. They can live in fresh water in any tropical region in Asia, Africa and anywhere in the USA.

They live in the ocean bed!
Where do stingrays live?

Stingrays can be found in both freshwater and marine habitats throught the world. Most of the river stingrays of the Family Potamotrygonidae live permanently in freshwater and have lost the ability to survive in marine habitats. Atlantic stingrays living in Florida's St. Johns River also seem to spend their entire life in freshwater, but are capable of adapting to saltwater in controlled laboratory settings. The picture to the left shows an Atlantic stingray in the clear waters of one of Florida's freshwater springs. Other stingrays live mostly in saltwater. However, many species are "euryhaline" or capable of living in waters of a wide range of salinity. Therefore, these species can often be found in freshwater habitats for extended periods of time.

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Q: Where do stingrays live?
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