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Where do the feathers come from for Feather Trees?

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Feathers for feather trees and other crafts are usually from chickens or turkeys. It is illegal to use the feathers from native wild birds because they are protected by federal law.

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How many feathers in a feather pillow?

There are many feathers in a feather pillow!

Is feather man made or natural?

Feathers are natural, they come from birds.

Does a starfish have feathers?

Although they are only feather-like, the arms of the Feather Starfish are referred to as "feathers."

What is the scientific name for feathers?

The scientific name for a feather is a feather. however the feathers on a bird are called its "plumage".

What is the plural of feather?


What is the japanese word for feather?

feather or feathers = 羽 (hane)

What are the different types of feather in chicken?

contour feathers,flight feathers,primary feathers and secondary feathers

Where can you find feathers for a feather pillow?

you can't really buy feathers for a feather pillow you have to go to a shop and buy a pillow

Is the platypus's feather like the bird's feather?

The platypus has fur, not feathers.

What is the plural noun for feather?

The plural form of the noun 'feather' is 'feathers.'

Does a baby ostrich have feathers?

No they do not they have bare skin but eventually will grow feather once they come out of the stage of a baby

Which bird dont have Feather?

All birds have feathers, that's what makes them birds.the kiwis feathers though are the most un feather like and are likened to fur.But they are still feathers.

What kind of fish that have a feather?

a feather fish? there is no such thing. fish don't have feathers!

Why do chickens not regrow feather after moulting?

Unless the chicken has mites or some other issue, the feathers will come back.

Is feather count noun or mass noun?

The noun 'feather' is a countnoun, the plural form is feathers.Example: Do you like the hat with one blue feather or the hat with two purple feathers?

Do the baby birds lose feathers while adult feathers grow in?

Baby birds with hatchling fuzz will lose the fuzz as pin feathers grow in. Any time a new feather grows in, the old feather in that particular feather folicle has to fall out first.

What is French for feathers?

une plume - a feather des plumes - feathers feminine word

Animal Crossing how to get feathers?

To get feathers, you have to go to the civic center in the town hall and chose donate. These are the amounts. Green Feather- 10,000 bells Blue Feather- 200,000 bells Yellow Feather- 500,000 bells Red Feather- 800,000 bells Purple Feather- 1,100,000 bells White Feather - 1,400,000 bells Rainbow Feather- 6,400,00 bells

Does penguin have feather?

Yes, penguins have feathers, as they are birds.

What is feather phobia called?

Pteronophobia is the fear of feathers.

Why do eagle has feather?

eagles are birds. Birds have feathers.

What kind of feathers do flamingos have?

Soft kind of feather.

What are collectors of feathers called?

lucky feather keepers

How does an eagle protected by its feather?

use of feathers to eagles

What is the symbolism for a black feather?

Black feathers typically come from either crows or ravens. If a person finds a crow feather, it is said to symbolize balance, abilities, and skills. If a person finds a raven feather, it is said to symbolize knowledge and understanding.