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Most butterflies lay their eggs on plants that will be eaten by the caterpillar, when it hatches. Some species lay their eggs on the tops of leafs, some on the bottom, some at the leaf axils, some on flowers, and some on stalks

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Yes, butterflies do lay eggs

No, only female butterflies lay eggs.

Only female butterflies lay eggs.

Butterflies are insects. Insects lay eggs to reproduce. Therefore, butterflies lay eggs to reproduce. Your answer is, "Yes".

so the butterflies can lay there eggs healthy and it keep them full.

Most butterflies don't lay their eggs in garbage. They typically lay their eggs on the plant that their caterpillars will feed on. Monarchs butterflies lay their eggs on milkweed plants. Spicebush swallowtails butterflies lay their eggs on Spicebush, Sassafras, Sweet Bay, and Prickly Ash. You get the idea. I don't know of any butterflies that lay their eggs in garbage, but if they do it is probably the type of garbage that their caterpillars would feed on.

It doesn't. Butterflies lay eggs and travel on to lay more eggs. They have no awareness of a little one left behind.

Yes butterflys lay eggs.

I assume butterfly eggs...

Butterflies lay around 100 eggs each mating season. They may lay these one at a time or in clusters.

Butterflies lay eggs that turn into caterpillars that turn into butterflies.

Butterflies do not get pregnant. They lay eggs.

No, they must first change into moths or butterflies before they can lay eggs.

Butterflies usually lay millions of eggs, but only about 100 survive.

Caterpillars do not lay eggs they are sexually immature, it is the adult butterfly or moth that lays the eggs.

Butterflies, like nearly all insects, lay eggs.

Butterflies don't protect their eggs. They just lay them on the underside of a leaf and fly away.

butterflies lay Caterpillar larvae and the caterpillars go into a cocoon then hatch into a butterfly!

Butterflies are insects. Only mammals get pregnant. Insects lay eggs.

Because a butterfly is an insect and most insects lay eggs... In short, because they just do.

Moths and butterflies lay their eggs on the leaves of the food plants their caterpillars will feed on.

Butterflies lay eggs which hatch to become caterpillars, which are the butterflies larvae, or babies. Butterflies typically lay hundreds and sometimes thousands of eggs in a single season, insuring that at least some of them will survive to become adult butterflies.

butterflies need plants because they need to lay their eggs on the leaf!

Most butterflies lay their eggs on plants: on the top or bottom of leaves, on the flowers, on twigs, in the chinks of bark, or on the plant stalk. Some butterflies lay their eggs near the plant: on dry grass stems, dead leaves, or on soil. By laying their eggs on or near plants, the newly hatched caterpillars will have something to eat.

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