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they make them in lots of places and they don't usually have a specific factory as they are relatively easy to make. You can look up on the internet how to make one yourself.

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Q: Where do they make fuel cells?
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What are the four major types of cells?

Polymer electrolyte fuel cells (PEFCs)PhoMolten carbonate fuel cells (MCFCs)sphoric-acid fuel cells (PAFCs)Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs)

How are fuel cells categorized?

explain how fuel cells are commonly categorized

Why are there several chloroplast in the plant cells?

plant cells need lots of glucose that chloroplasts produce so the mitochondria can make atp, the cells fuel

When was Ceramic Fuel Cells created?

Ceramic Fuel Cells was created in 1992.

Is hydrogen fuel cells fossil fuels?

no because hydrogen fuel cells are renewable

Why are muscles cells called the motors of living organisms?

Because they burn fuel and make you move.

What are some pros and cons of fuel cells?

Some pros of fuel cells are that it is: -efficient -produces no odor, no noise -reliable -environmentally friendly -is indefinetely renewable, as long as hydrogen is harvested Some cons of fuel cells are: - fuel cells are expensive -you have to harvest hydrogen, which is hard -The volume of the fuel cells are larger than the average internal combustion engine.

How could fuel cells give space crews electricity and water?

fuel cells converts chemical energy to eletrical power and the only waste product for fuel cells is water

What uses hydrogen and oxygen to make electricity?

A fuel cells uses hydrogen and oxygen to make electricity, and produces water as a byproduct.

Why are fuel cells so useful in spacecrafts?

Because they have enough energy or strength to make a spacecraft work

Are fuel cells dangerous to make or dipose of?

Fuels cells are essentially not very dangerous. But in order for a fuel cell to work hydrogen must be used. Hydrogen is usually fed to a fuel cell from a resevoir. Hydrogen is very flammable and if the concentration in an area of hydrogen is too great any spark of any kind even friction can make it combust. Not all fuel cells run on hydrogen. There are natural gas and methanol cells. Fuel cells are dangerous to your life if you are making one in your basement workshop and don't tell your significant other what you're doing and what it costs first. This is because the membrane in a fuel cell, a DuPont film called Nafion, costs $175 per square foot and it looks like that plastic you make document protectors from. "YOU SPENT $200 ON THIS!?!?!?!?!"

What is the fuel used in a fuel cell automobile?

Fuel cells come in many varieties. Low-temperature designs such as proton exchange membrane fuel cells [PEMFC's, also known as polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells] are mostly aimed at portable and transport applications

How does fuel cells work?

For a recent review of fuel cells see here:

What has the author Angus McDougall written?

Angus McDougall has written: 'Fuel cells' -- subject(s): Fuel cells

What are fuel cells in a neclear reactor?

Fuel cells are an important part of a nuclear reactor. The component that powers the nuclear reactor is the reactor core and the fuel cells are found inside and hold uranium dioxide.

What are fuel cells in a nuclear reactor?

Fuel cells in a nuclear reactor hold uranium dioxide, a concentrated form of power for the reactor. There are several hundred fuel cells which are held within the reactor core.

What is only byproduct of fuel cells?

The only byproduct of an oxygen and hydrogen fuel cell is water. There are other less common types of fuel cells, such as zinc and air cells, which do produce other byproducts.

Can fuel cells for cars be mass produced cheaply?

Yes. Mass producing cars is not the problem. The fuel for fuel cells is too expensive, so far.

How do cells make energy?

How do cells make energy How do cells make energy How do cells make energy

Why are fuel cells used on the space shuttle instead of batteries?

Two reasons:Weight. Batteries are heavier per energy unit than fuel cells.Capacity. Fuel cells can store much more energy than batteries.As a bonus, the weight for the fuel cell fuel reduces the weight of another required consumable: water. The "exhaust" of fuel cells is pure water which astronauts can drink.

What is one good thing about Fuel Cells?

it gives us fuel

Are fuel cells renewable?


What are fuel cells used for?


Fuel cells produce energy from hydrogen by?

the fuel cells convert hydrogen into energy using a converter and that energy is used to power the vehicle

What type of electric current is produced by fuel cells and solar cells?