Where do you buy felting wool the type that you can use for needle felting?

Nearly any type of wool can be needle felted but certain types work better than others. Wool in batting form (sheets of wool that resembles quilt batting) works the best for sculptural needle felting but it can be harder to find than wool for traditional felting or spinning - also known as roving or combed tops.

I use Norwegian C1 Felting Batts for my Felt Alive Wool Sculptures. It felts very fast with a felting needle, it doesn't contain much vegetable matter and it doesn't show the holes from the felting needles. I love it because it is strong which allows my dolls to be very strong and flexible without the use of wire armatures.

I find Norwegian C1 Felting Batts online from New England Felting Supply and in smaller quantities at Dream Felt.