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Have to drop the transmission oil pan


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There is a check and fill plug on the side of the transmission close to the cv axle. It is most likely on the passenger side of the differential. The fluid should be full till it is just before running out of the plug hole.

Chuck Blazer was born on 1945-04-26.

Fluid type Dexron VI capacity, pan removal only 5 quarts . Capacity 11 quarts

Actually , it doesn't have one ( since 2002 on the 4 door Explorer )

DEX III or the new DEX VI is aso bckward compatible

Had same trouble with my 04 Sequoia.. Flushed and change transmission fluid and had no more trouble..

The automatic transmission fluid in a 2004 Ford Mustang should be changed every 30,000 miles or once a year. The manufacturer has made this recommendation available in the owner's manual as well.

Can't Speak for all Twin Cams but on my 04 Heritage is between the shocks underneath the frame..

How do you reset the computer in a 04 blazer 4.3L

Automatic 2.4L takes 8.1 quarts Manual 2.4L takes 2.3 quarts

Fluid is normally added to this transmission with a machine that pumps it up a valve on the bottom of your transmission case. A Do It Yourself method of getting fluids in is to use a (very) clean grease gun. Just connect a plastic tube to the end of the grease gun and connect it to the valve on the transmission and pump it in. I own an '04 LS V8 and was recommended this by a mechanic and can attest that it works.

Down the Drain - film - was created on 1990-04-25.

Get down and look under the vehicle and count them.

these transmisions are called "no maintenance " transmision they do not have a dipstick like an ordinary transmision, they have a filter and when you remove the filter to clean you can see if the oil level is corect.

The grand Cherokee was not offered with a manual transmission.

The 04 requires a 75/90 Synthetic and the 96 users an 80/90 GL5. Using 80/90 GL5 on gears that require synthetic lubricants will ruin them. Your answer is no. Iron

If its an 01-04 Mustang GT or Cobra, it takes 3.0 Liters or 3.2 quarts of MERCON III type fluid.

The original engine oil drain plug wrench size should be 15mm.

Use ONLY genuine Honda ATF-Z1 A/T fluid and nothing else. Do not listen to anyone who tells you that you can use any other fluid that claims to be compatible. DexronIII can be used in an emergency but must be removed ASAP. Honda fluid is not cheap but way cheaper than a new transmission. The 2003-04 had a recall on the transmission for poor lubrication of one of the gears. Make sure the recall has been performed on your Honda. Change the fluid every 50,000 miles religiously. The 2003-04 Accord transmission is the weak link in these Hondas. I know as mine went out at 70,000 on my 2004 Accord. Honda replaced it as free of charge as I had a certified used Honda extended warranty of 8 years 80,000 miles. They have replaced many of these, so be forewarned and take care of yours and hopefully it will last.

Recently my replacement transmission was $2300. Recently my replacement transmission was $2300.

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