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Where do you find a copy of a hardship letter?

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2010-10-01 20:39:26

You can find many online. The problem with using them, however,

is that the samples are mainly used to get traffic to websites; not

to provide a real, quality sample for you to use. A quick look at

the quality of letters online will show you how true this is.

Your letter should follow this general flow:

1 - what are you wanting to have happen (loan modification,

short sale approval, deed in lieu, loan forbearance, etc.)

2 - what is the hardship that is causing you to request this

change to your previous agreement with the lender

3 - what income do you have to pay the payment resulting from

the new agreement (if you're requesting a loan modification or loan


Note: If you don't have a good explanation for #2 and don't have

a good story for #3, your letter will not help you.

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