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I just changed mine and I'll tell you it took 5 min. all you have to do is loosen the side-bolt on the alternator then you will be able to loosten the top bolt which brings it up and down and that makes it real easy to tighten it when your done... anyways. the largest pully is closest to the oil filter, put it around that first then you bring it forward in the direction of the bumper and you will find the next one and it will have the grooves in it as well as the big one. then you go up to the alt. direction and you will see one that has no grooves in it and put the smooth end around that then around the alt. last then tighten the alt. .

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Q: Where do you find a diagram to change a serpentine belt on your 1999 stratus?
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There should be a diagram under the hood near the front.

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behind the drivers front wheel.

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It doesn't have one.

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Hmmmm. My Stratus is a 2000. The fuel pump is in the gas tank. Change the filter while you're at it!

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If you don't know, Take it to Jiffy Lube.

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My stratus is a 2000 The fuel filter is just above the gas tank. Yes, the tank must be lowered to get to it.

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Hi are you wondering how to put it back on after removal? If so mine has been replaced twice so far and the last time i had bought the serpentine belt the diagram was on the packaging of the new belt if it is of any help?

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How much does a 1999 Dodge Stratus car weigh?