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A list broker finds direct marketing lists that are either for businesses or consumers. You will need to be more specific about the kind of list when you speak to a list broker.

For example, everyone uses home appliances but not everyone owns an espresso machine. Only certain companies produce home appliances. Are you interested in contacting companies that build home appliances?

Strategic List Services is a list brokerage representing over 54,000 databases worldwide. Our firm provides our clients with customized direct mail or telemarketing lists and opt-in email campaigns. As international list brokers, we will help you achieve top-notch results from your marketing efforts with the best customized direct marketing lists.

Call Toll Free 888-848-1215 or visit us online

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ConsumerBase - - is a list broker company that can help you compile this list. We offer extensive lists, including those for broker dealer companies.

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You can contact boards of Realtors in your area for a current list of mortgage brokers. You can find out how many lending institutions each broker works with and what the fees are for each broker.

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A hotel broker can assist in helping an owner find a buyer. The broker will list the hotel and help show the property to potential buyers.

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A broker is the third person facilitator between a buyer and a seller. An example would be a Real Estate Broker who facilitates the sale or purchase of a property. A broker may also act on behalf of either the buyer or seller. An example would be a Stock Broker who makes the sale or purchase of securities on behalf of his client who is either buying or selling a security.Here is a list of several different types of brokers:Business brokerCommodity brokerConstruction equipment brokerForex BrokerInsurance brokerInvestment brokerMortgage brokerReal estate brokerRigs brokersShip brokerStock brokerYacht charter brokersCapacity brokerOff Business brokerMarriage broker

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Advertise it on different FSBO sites. you can pay an online real estate broker a small fee to list the property on the MLS. I've done this.

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How do you get public school mail list?

You will need to lease a list from a list broker. InfoUSA is a good company. I will leave their URL in the related links for you.

How do you become an investment broker?

Go to or phone many local brokerage offices. You can find a good list in your yellow pages or on the internet.Ask to speak with the office manager. Tell him you would like to learn more about the business and perhaps become an investment broker.

Can anyone recommend a mailing list broker that can help me both now and as my business grows?

Honestly, your idea about mailing list broker will not be easy, it will be a long way even if you have plans because other firms have been conducting studies about this case. If I'm going to recommend you, i recommend that you use your present mailing list broker at this time. It can help you from the beginning and as you continue to prosper, i believe your broker must have something to do with an upgrade to meet your satisfaction.. thank you and God bless...

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"By looking at a mortgage broker list, I can see there are over a hundred mortgage companies in Massachusetts. The best ranked company is Home Plus Mortgages."

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