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Where do you find really free police records?

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Go to your local public records place aka probably city hall ( you might have to pay) but they should give them to you.........they cant hold your personal records from you unless you have been arrested by the FBI or cia which you wouldn't be on here if so

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Where can one find public criminal records for free?

I need to look through some public criminal records. Where can I find these for free?

Where can I find free and public criminal records?

I want to look up criminal records that are free and public. Where would I search for these, or where could I find them?

Are there really any free police record search websites?

No, there are not, and the ones that DO exist (even the pay sites) can only draw on records that would be available to the public anyway.

What companies provide free public records?

I need to do some background checks. How can I find public records for free?

How can I see someones divorce records for really free over the internet?

Divorce information is a part of public records with limited information available. You can contact your local department of public records to find out if someone has been divorced.

How do you get previous tax records for free?

find a website

Where can we access a free public records database?

We are trying to find information about a number of births and deaths within our family. How can we access a free public records database to find out this information?

Where can you find a listing of your local recent arrests for free?

Many (but by no means all) local newspaper publish records of daily arrests in their circulation area. OR - you can go to the local police department and ask to see the arrest records. They are 'public documents.'

Where can I find more info about public records?

You can check with for public records and you can also find free criminal records at You can go to the clerk of courts in any city and their public records.

Where can one find free death records state-by-state?

Without being morbid, my friend wants to access death records of WWII soldiers for free. How can one access free death records?

How to search death records for free?

How to find the cause of death

How do you find free records of divorce for your state?

Akeem brownlee

Where can you find free vinyl records price guide?


Where can I find online info about free death records?

You can find free death records online at You can also try for additional listings.

Is it possible to look up public records online for free?

You can only find very limited information of free public records online without paying for a service such as Offline you may be able to find records at your local government office.

Free arrest records?

You can find free arrest records online for most counties, cities and states. You type in the last name of the person you are inquiring about and the information will come up in the criminal or civil records. You can also run a background check, usually one free one to find out as well.

Where can I use a free public record?

I want to find out any criminal records one of my employees might have, but I'm not too sure . Are there any free public records I can use to find this out and how would I use them?

Free search for arrest warrant in Texas?

There is no free online search for arrest warrants, because that information is not made public in the same way that criminal records are. The best way for someone to find out if they are wanted is to contact, or have an attorney contact, the local police.

Where can I find criminal records online?

You can find information on criminal records online at: The initial search is free, but additional information will require a payment.

Free Prison Inmate Records?

form_title= Free Prison Inmate Records form_header= Find records for an inmate. What is the full name of the inmate?*= _ [50] Where was the inmate?*= _ [50] How far back was this person an inmate?*= _ [50]

Any website where you can find free property records?

Massachusetts land records can be accessed online at the websites provided below.

Where do you go to find free info on local police booking log?

The interested individual would need to go to the police department that is involved in the incident and place a request. Police logs are not considered to be total accessible public records, only those persons who qualify as someone with the 'right to know' are allowed access.

How do you find past employment records online for free?

laura ann banks

How can I get a free public records database?

I am interested in getting a free public records database. Where can I get a free public records database?

Where can you find a website for free public records?

Many counties have websites that provide free access to public records such as property records, vital records and jail records. You can access the websites for all 50 states and each county within the states thru "Free Public Records Directory" at You can also search the available public records by city, state and type through the same website.