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96 is when obd 2 started but most manuf. had early version. the plug usually determined between 1 and 2. in extremely rare cases. gm. they might have a 2 conncector but 1 codes. just try both 1 and 2 with your scanner. you must have a scanner!!! There are no "correct" codes for Control modules.. unless you count the "1..1" {system pass} for the EEC-IV. Codes indicate a fault or error observed, either in real time or in running history. All TBird 4.6L (94 up) and 96-97 3.8L are EEC-V OBD-II, the others are all EEC-IV. There are actually two sets of codes relating to OBD-II, Standard/generic and MFR specific. here's a Ford -specific list: Note this list: Ford is Mfr "1" thus you would put a 1 in the first digit spot but the meaning is a little less specific in some areas. I assume you already know you dont actually NEED a scanner, though they are a good idea if you do your own maintenance... Autozone and several other parts stores will read the codes out for free. Insist, however, on getting the actual code and not just their definition of the code.

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Q: Where do you find the OBD-ll codes for a 1995 Ford Thunderbird WAS and what are the correct OBD-ll codes?
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