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Changing keyless entry codeI don't know where the compuer module is but if you are looking for the factory code it is located under the dash near the break pedal...I had to get on my back and look up under the dash... the five digit code is located on a white sticker about 4' long...Once you get that code you type it in and hit 1/2 and then the code u want to change it to all within 5 seconds of each other no longer... once changed you can unlock all the doors by pushing 3/4 after your code or hit 7/8 9/0 at the same time to lock everything
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2011-09-15 11:18:40
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Q: Where do you find the computer module for the key-less entry code on a 1999 Ford Expedition?
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How do you reset the computer module on the 2000 Eddie Bauer expedition to retrieve code for keyless entry?

It should be on the keyless entry control module behind the fuse box (below steering column) on the firewall. It's a five digit number 1xxxx.

How do you program keyless entry for hhr?

The Chevrolet dealer resets the computer module for that.

How do you change the factory set keyless entry code on the computer module of your 2002 Eddie Bauer Ford Expedition?

You can not change the master code yourseft. Only the dealer can.

Location of keyless entry module on Ford Econoline?

The keyless entry module, on your Ford automobile, is located in the engine compartment. The module is bolted to the firewall.

Where is the sensor located for keyless entry on a 2009 Chrysler Town and Country?

The ignition switch, also called the wireless control module, is the keyless entry computer and receiver.

Keyless entry keypad FAQ Ford Freestar?

where on my 2004 freeport can I find the computer module

Is there any way to tell if you car has keyless entry if you dont have a remote?

Pull off the passenger side kick pannel and you will see a module that says something like keyless entry or security module. If you have this module you have keyless entry. This answer is based on my 2000 ranger with keyless entry. Mike B Orlando

Where is the computer module for the keyless entry located on a 2008 Eddie baurer ford explorer?

In the Jack compartment on a 1996

Where is the keyless entry code on 1999 ford expedition?

The keyless entry code is located below the driver window on the exterior

Where do you find the factory set keyless entry code on the computer module of your 2003 Eddie Bauer Ford Expedition?

On mine it is in the back. Take off the panel where the third row seat is and use a mirror to see the number.

Where is the computer module for the keyless entry located in a 1999 Ford Taurus?

Look to the right of the steering column under the dash. I think the remote keyless entry is here & not sure if it's different from keyless entry.I'm not exactly sure if the computer that controls the keyless entry is what they're looking for - OR - the location of the factory set code for that vehicle.See "Related Questions" below for the location of the code

Where is the computer module on a 2006 Ford Explorer?

The computer module for the keyless entry system on the 2006 Ford Explorer is behind the rear passenger seat. It is located under the seat belt panel.

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