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Where do you find the hood release on a 1996 tracker?


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2006-01-25 19:04:30
2006-01-25 19:04:30

the hood release is found in the glove box on the right hand side it took me almost a hour to find it


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Hi, You should find the hood release inside the glove compartment on the right top. Steve H.

the hood release for the geo tracker is in the glove box

Inside the glove box, left hand side.

I believe the hood release is in the glove compartment on the right at the top.

The initial hood release is in the glovebox. just pull it and the hood will pop-up an inch or two. You'll find a secondry release under the hood. Sometimes the first attempt to open the hood fails. You may have to "play with it" for awhile!

The hood latch is in the glove box and once you open the box you will see it and just pull it.

You can find the ECU on a 1996 F250 behind the hood release lever. This is found on the firewall.รŠ

In the glove box as are all older trackers

In the glove box top left side.

Inside the glovebox right hand side a t handle opens the hood.

Right side of the glove box is a pull down handle

The hood pull is located in the glove box at the top, just to the right works like a regular pull latch.

you might be able to get under the car somehow and flip the hood release from the inside.

it is not a power hood release, so it will operate with a dead battery, then it has a safety release behind the grille. no power needed. goodluck

This can be done with the information provided in your owner's manual. If you don't have one, get one. Sources are dealer, e-bay, salvage yard, or many online sites. Here is one site. Or you could just look under the dash, driver's side, or it possibly has no interior release, and the hood is released outside, front of car, inside the grill. Spend some time looking for it. The Hood release can be found inside the glove box

== == there is a tool i saw in a catalog trying to find which one. that tool was for 1984-1996.but they do have emergency hood release cable that can be installed in 68-82 part #604-801 for $19.99

In the glove compartment. It is actually a little T handle in the glove compartment which when pulled releases the hood and a secondary release is under the hood that also has to be released.

Down below the steering wheel and to the left. Then under the hood it is almost dead center, a little to the left. Find it, move it to the left, push down and lift up.

The fuse box of a 2002 Chevy Tracker is located under the dash, near the hood release. It contains many important fuses which protect the vehicle's electrical systems.

pull the hood release catch located in the glove compartment just behind the facia.

If you look behind the hood release latch there will be two wires take a pair of needle nose pliers and pull on the wires it should release then. If that doesn't work then I don't know how.

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