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Well, that depends on how much you are willing to spend and how fast you want to go. I would recommend the larger Honda scooters, like 150 cc and over. They will cruise at 55 mph and go over 70 mph. Or if you really want speed, get a 400+cc maxi scooter. They are good for 105+ mph. Just go to a motorcycle shop or a scooter store. Vespa makes scooters that will go 80 mph too.


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Bad Motor Scooter was created in 1973.

The 250 cc motor scooter is commonly the largest engine size scooter. The 250 cc scooter has a top speed of about 75 miles per hour, but usually the engine size will top the speed out at about 60 miles per hour.

The legal age to ride a motor scooter in the USA is 16. The driver is only allowed to drive a scooter up to 125cc in engine size.

What is the value of my 1965 Rabbit motor scooter model s202 can you help me I am new at this thanks.

It depends on where you live. Here in California, you need an M1 for motercycle and an M2 for a motor scooter and/ or moped.

The legal age to ride a motor scooter in Florida is 16. To be eligible, you must have a regular Class E driver license or higher. Scooter must be registered with the Division of Motor Vehicles.

i have a LB50QT-6 50cc scooter. i need to see a diagram of the scooter

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The grass has more friction than the concrete, so the scooter doesn't go as fast

there could be friction inside the motor. there is friction on the wheels of the scooter and the ground. there is air friction when you move on a scooter.

An average motor scooter ranges anywhere from $96 to $2000. But when it costs $1000 and up its for like cops and security guards.

No, if it is 49cc or under, your scooter is considered a bicycle with an asisted motor, therefore you don't need insurance or a regerstration.

For a scooter 50cc , you have to be 16 at least. On a slower one, it is 12 and up.

One can find a cheaper motor scooter alternatives to Vespas by looking at comparable brands such as Yamasaki and Harley brand motor scooters for instance.

Top speed for an electric razor scooter is around 10mph.

You need to have a basic training licence and be aged over 16 to drive a motor scooter in California. The scooter must also not exceed 125cc in engine size.

as fast as you want it too go

learners permit to use an motor or electric scooter

yes its possible for a 14 to ride a motor scooter. minor may not ride on side walks or walk ways.

It is used to clean my scooter motor parts

You do need a valid driver's license to operate a Honda Metropolitan motor scooter in Kansas. You do not need a motorcycle license.

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