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When I replaced my antenna, I used the Haynes manual. The connection is down by the fuse box on the driver's side to the left of the brake pedal. I had to fish the new wire down the hole until I felt it come out of the bottom. I might work better if you attach a string to the old wire before you pull it out. Then attach the pulled end of the string to the new wire to help guide it back through down to the fuse box area. , good luck.

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Q: Where do you plug in a detached cable from the am radio antenna on a 94 Corolla?
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What type of cable is used for a radio antenna?

fibre optical cable

Why is radio Not picking up radio stations in a Renault?

Could be broke, or might just be a Hyundai radio. Check antenna, and cable from antenna to radio.

How do you change the antenna cable on a 1998 buick lesabre limited?

To change the antenna cable on a 1998 Buick LeSabre Limited, a person has to unscrew the old antenna cable from the back of the radio. Then pull the antenna wire out from under the dash and follow it to the antenna. Unscrew the old cable from the antenna. Screw in the new cable and thread it back under the dash in the same path as the old cable and screw it to the back of the radio.

Where are the antenna connections for a 2000 Ford Taurus?

The antenna connection, for your 2000 Ford Taurus, is on the back of the radio. The antenna cable goes from the radio to the connection in the windshield.

How do you fix the antenna that goes into the back of radio on a 2004 dodge Dakota if connector is broke?

You will have to replace that piece of the antenna cable.

How do you remove the radio from a 2007 GMC Sierra?

trying to install a new antenna cable, from outside the truck to the radio, how do i do this

Car radio is not getting all FM stations?

1). If it's getting any FM stations, then the radio is OK.2). If it's getting the strong (nearby) stations but not the weak (far away) ones,then check the car's FM antenna, the connection between the antenna and thecable, the condition of the cable from the antenna to the radio, and the connectionbetween the cable and the radio.

With the antenna connected the FM is weak when the antenna is disconnected the signal comes in stronger what could the problem be?

The antenna or the cable between it and the radio probably has a short to the body of the van.

Change a radio antenna 98 Ford Escort?

The instrument panel and the radio have to come out to replace the antenna. 1. The old antenna cable will be attached to the new cable to pull it through the mounting hole and into position. Do not pull the old cable all the way out when the antenna is first detatched. 2. Remove the instrument cluster. 3. Remove the radio. 4. Reach through the cluster hole and detatch the antenna lead from the clips. 5. Disconnect the antenna cable from the radio and detatch it from the heater box and remaining clip. 6. Remove the 2 screws that that secure the base of the antenna to the windshield pillar. 7. pull up on the antenna just far enough to expose the tape. 8. Cut the old antenna cable at the base and tape it to the radio end of the new one. 9. Remove the old antenna base and the insulating tube. 10.Guide the new antenna cable into place with the old one and install the new antenna base and tube. 11. Make sure the end of the antenna drain tube fits into it's hole, then attatch the antenna to the windshield pillar with the screws. 12. Position the antenna lead in it's clips. 13. The remainder of the installation is the reverse of the removal steps.

Where is the antenna radio connection located on a 98' ford escort?

The radio antenna is a fine wire imbedded in the windshield. If your radio doesn't pull in any stations, but you get static then probably the cable came out of the back of the radio. If you recently got a new windshied it may have not had the antenna. You should be an antenna at an auto parts store and install it on the front fender.

How do you replace a Toyota Tercel antenna?

For the 1992 and 1994 models (and likely many other years), the antenna is attached to the roof of the vehicle by two Phillips screws. After removing these screws, the unit will slide out of its hole towards the rear of the vehicle. There should be a translucent white tube where the antenna slides into and a black cable. The black cable runs through the body of the car to the back of the radio. This can be seen from the passenger's side footwell and reached from the driver's footwell. Detach the cable from the back of the radio and attach a retrieval string or twine to the radio end of the cable. Remove the antenna assembly from the car roof, allowing the retrieval line to exit out of the mounting hole. Detach the line from the old antenna cable and tie it to the end of the new antenna cable. Use the retrieval line to thread the new cable through the car frame back into the passenger compartment. Detach your guide line and plug the new antenna cable into the radio and screw the new antenna assembly into its mounting hole on the roof.

Show you a diagram of your stereo antenna wire from stero to antenna on your 97 Ford Tarus GL?

Ford mondeo 03 cable route and connection points antenna to radio

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