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that's a really good question.......... so far i don't know if its the aproved way but it can be poured down the transmission dipstick tube.... a slow process but it does work.


My Advice:

Yes that is the recommended way to do it, you use a funnel while the vehicle is running and in park, pull the dipstick out of the tube which is located usually above the air filter box on the driver side of the engine near the back of the motor. (GREY COLOR HANDLE USUALLY)

Check the fluid level and add to the estimated amount, if it is at the add mark usually is good to add 1/2 quart to the transmission. Once done, you either stick the dipstick back in and ram it in the hole carefully to help push the fluid down the tube into the tranny, roughly 10-15 times quickly or you can leave the dipstick out and have to wait roughly 3-5 minutes before getting an accurate reading of the fluid level.

Make sure to take multiple readings cause the first one isn't always the correct one, least 3-5 times.

Hope this helps.

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Q: Where do you pour the transmission fluid in on a 1992 Pontiac trans sport?
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When was Pontiac Trans Sport created?

Pontiac Trans Sport was created in 1990.

What transmission fluid type 1979 Pontiac trans am?

Automatic.....Dexron III

Is Transmission fluid the same as brake fluid in a 1994 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

No, do not mix trans and brake fluids. The trans is dextron and the brake fluid is dot3.

Why does a 1994 Pontiac trans sport not go into reverse?

If an automatic transmission ,broken bands in the tranny.

Where is the transmission dipstick in a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire?

Pontiac does not make a transmission dipstick, unless the newer ones have them. Actually, the early models did. My '96 had one. Later models did not. The trans fluid is checked via a plug in the side of the trans-axle.

Where do you add transmission fluid on a 2000 Pontiac Sunfire?

your vehicle does not have a dipstick tube,your trans is a sealed unit and cannot have fluid added to it.the only way to check your fluid level is at the transmission itself.there is a plug on the passenger side top area of your trans case

Will a 1976 Pontiac engine and transmission fit in a 2005 Pontiac trans am?

Not very likely, as there is no such thing as a 2005 Pontiac Trans Am.

What fluid is used in a 1993 Harley Sportster transmission?

Harley Sport-Trans Fluid if you can find it. I use it in mine religiously. Works great!

What transmission model Pontiac trans am?


How do you check and refill the transmission fluid in an 1998 automatic Pontiac Sunfire?

There is a trans dip stick on the back side of the engine. This is where you add fluid also. GoodluckJOe

Does a 1989 jeep cj7 take brake fluid and transmission fluid or just transmission fluid?

The brake system uses brake fluid and the trans uses trans fluid.

What kind of transmission fluid for a 5 speed 2001 chev sliver 1500?

NV 3500 trans..................Synchromesh transmission fluid or equivalent NV 4500 trans..................Syn-torq synthetic transmission fluid or equivalent ZF S6-650 trans...............Trans-Synd synthetic transmission fluid or equivalent

How do you check transmission fluid on a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire?

it doesnt have adip stick it has a bolt in the side of trans better take to dealer

WHAT Type of transmission fluid for 1994 Pontiac trans am?

most likely dextron three, but GM prints the fluid type on the dipstick on most cars, you have to look close

Where is the cap to add Transmission Fluid located on 1988 trans?

transmission fluid is uaually added through the trans dipstick tube.

What transmission came in a 1986 Pontiac trans am?


How do you check the transmission fluid on a 1992 Isuzu Rodeo Sport?

I do believe that if it's a sealed transmission then you have to pull the check plug from the trans to check it its just like a fill plug believe its on the left side of trans.

Will the transmission fluid of the radiator be drained when you drain the fluid on the transmission?

Most of the ATF will remain in the trans cooler and lines unless you have the transmission force flushed by a trans shop.

What is the Reddish fluid leaking from engine of 1999 Pontiac grand am?

trans fluid

How do you check the transmission fluid in a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire?

With the transmission in park, and the engine running. Remove the dipstick wipe and dip again then read. It will show fluid if its cold or warm. (Just a tip use dexron 3 type trans fluid.)

Can you use SAE 20W50 engine oil as temporary replacement for jeep wrangler sport 2001 transmission fluid?

NO no, you will ruine trans.

Where is the dipstick for checking automatic trans fluid on a 2003 Pontiac sunfire?

there probably isn't one. Pontiac discontinued trans dipsticks in models earlier than yours. You have to check the fluid at the fill plug on the trans itself.

What type of transmission fluid in a 1969 dodge dart with a manual transmission?

DEXRON auto trans fluid

How much transmission fluid in a manual transmission 1996 Nissan 200sx?

how do i fill my trans fluid in 1996 nissan 200sx 1.6 l manuel trans

Where do you put transmission fluid in a 305 engine?

Be very careful NOT to put trans fluid in an engine ! - It goes down the tube that holds trans dipstick, into the transmission.