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Where do you put gear oil in a manuel transmission on a 96 mercury tracer trio 1.9?

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2007-01-23 01:09:48

If a 96 Mercury Tracer Trio 1.9 is the same as a 1996 Mercury

Tracer, the information is found on page 1-22 of the Haynes Repair

Manual "Ford Escort and Mercury Tracer 1991 through 2000" To

summarize, there is a connector on the manual transaxle that

provides a mechanical sensor linkage to the speedometer and an

electrical connector with two conductors. The connector is found at

the back of the transaxle, accessible from the top. The connector

must be removed in order to check the fluid level. I had to build a

very long extension (about 21 inches) to use a 10 mm socket to

loosen the small bolt. Once the bolt is removed, a clip can be slid

off. Please note the orientation of the clip, perhaps by marking

the top side with the notation "top." Then, the electrical

connector has to be released. On my vehicle, the plastic retaining

clips broke off when I attempted to release them. The electrical

connector then lifts straight up. A wire clip holds the speedometer

cable in the connector. I had to pry it out and then almost

straighten the wire to reinsert it later. Make sure the area around

the opening is clean of any dirt that could fall into the

transaxle. Lift the connector straight up. I dried the plastic gear

with a clean paper towel to check the fluid level. It should be

even with the top of the plastic speedometer gear. According to the

Lincoln-Mercury service person that I called today, the fluid

should be replaced with MERCON-5. The 2006 Ford Service Bulletin

did not explain why this should be done. (The drain plug is at the

bottom of the differential.) Put it all back together. There is a

cable that connects to the secondary oxygen sensor in the exhaust

line. It should be secured to the plastic clip included with the

connector to keep it from hitting the rotating driveshaft. Dr. Gene


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