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Where do you put in transmission fluid on a dodge dart?


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through the Transmission Fluid dip stick goes in

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You add it down the dipstick tube on the pass side of the engine.

if you have zero transmission fluid it takes 9.5 quarts

The fluid goes down the dipstick tube.

start the vehicle and leave it in park until warmed up and they pull the transmission dip stick out and you will see the full line on the stick, fill until your up to that line.

Should be a filler plug at side of transmission

You put it in drive and press the gas. It drives just like a normal automatic transmission.

It is very easy to check the transmission fluid level in a 1995 Dodge Avenger ES. You will need to park the car on level ground and keep it running while checking the fluid level. The dipstick is located where you put the transmission fluid.

Anything is possible, but the automatic in a 1999 Ram needs a computer to shift.

You get a funnel with a hose on it, put the hose where the dipstick goes and slowly pour your tranny fluid in to it. BE SURE NOT TO OVERFILL!!!!

You add the fluid down the dipstick tube under the hood.

It is not difficult to change the transmission filter on a Dodge Durango, but it is time consuming. There is a cover that needs to be taken off after loosening the bolts. The transmission fluid needs to be drained into a bucket. After the new filter is put in, the cover is put back on and new fluid is added.

No, not unless summit racing makes a special adapter plate to do it.

You use a funnel and pour it down the dipstick tube.

Down same tube that holds trans dipstick.

put it in the place that says Transmission fluid. It Goes in the same place that the dip stick is in. So when checking for transmission fluid, if it is low, just add a little bit in that same place.

Put a small hose in the dipstick tube, and suction out excess fluid.

You put the Transmission Fluid in the Transmission (fill point transmission drip stick tube)

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