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Through the low-side charging port located on top of the accumultor/drier which is located inside the right fender, in front of the wheel. It is accessed by reaching under the car and up into the front part of the right fender, just in front of the passenger front wheel assembly.

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Q: Where do you put the freon in a 2002 Ford Focus?
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How do you add freon to a 2002 Cadillac deville?

How do I put freon in a 2002 Cadillac deville

What tools are needed to put freon in a 2002 ford focus?

You can get an R-134 charging kit at most auto parts places. It contains freon and the hoses to connect it and has a pressure gauge on it so you don't put in too much. It takes special fittings for Ford. These can be purchased quite cheaply at the auto parts store. The kit comes with full instructions on how to do it yourself.

What size oil do you need to put on ford focus 1.4 2002?

4 quarts 10W40

How much freon do I put in a ford exployer 2001?

The 2001 Ford Explorer A/C unit does not contain Freon (R12). Freon has not been used since 1995.

Why won't the button on the gear selector push in on a 2002 Ford Focus?

Put your foot on the BRAKE first.

Can you put an alternator from a 1999 Ford Focus into a 2000 Ford Focus?


What is the proper amount of oil and freon to put in a compressor for a 2000 ford focus zts?

If i am not mistaken it is somewhere between 2-4 lbs of freon but it is actually r-134a u want to use as there are no ozone depletants in it

What type of freon do you put in a 2001 Ford Expedition?

r134a for a 2001 Ford Expedition

Where to add freon to a 2004 Ford Expedition?

Which do i hook to to charge the freon in a 2004 ford expedition

What type freon do you put in a 2002 Kia Rio?


How do you put freon in a 2002 jaguar x type?


Where do you put freon in your Ford F-250?

in the air conditioning unit

Does Ford Focus sales provide the option to purchase a used Ford Focus?

Ford Focus sales provides the option to purchase a used Ford Focus. On the website, it asks consumers to put in their zipcode so that they will be able to find a Focus in their area.

Where is the part where you put the freeon in on a 2003 ford focus?

Once AGAIN... the port is in the right front wheel well behind the splash guard. And that's freon, not freeon.

Why does the tailgate open on your Ford Focus when you put your foot on the brake and release it?

the tailgate opens when i have braked in a ford focus automatic the tailgate opens when i have braked in a ford focus automatic

What kind of freon to put in a 1997 ford expedtion?

it uses R134a refrigerant

How much oil to put in a new Ford AC compressor?

You should not put any oil in a Ford air conditioning compressor. The air conditioning compressor runs on Freon. The system should take about one pound of Freon.

Where to put freon in 2001 Ford Taurus?

freon usually goes on your condinser there should be a place to add collant on your condinser which is a silver cylinder

How do you put on a fan belt on a 2001 Ford Focus?

See the answer for "How do you replace the drive belt in a 2000 Ford Focus?". The procedure is the same.

How do you remove license plate light cover on a Ford Focus 2000 wagon?

hello i need you help me tell me how to remove the cover light from a license plate i have a ford focus se 2002 to put a new light thanks willie

How do you put freon in a 1994 Ford Thunderbird Lxcoupe?

1994 TBird has an R134 system. You can buy charge kits at any auto parts store. How do you put freon in a 1994 Ford Thunderbird Lx coupe so that the air conditioner can work?

How do you put freon in a 2000 Ford Taurus?

In the 2000 Ford Taurus the low side freon port when facing the car from the front is on the left side fire wall. It may have a blue or black cap.

How do you put freon on 2002 ford?

Purchase a recharge kit from your local auto parts store. The kit will provide you with everything including directions. Keep in mind if the system is empty you probably have a leak.

Where do you put antifreeze in a 2000 ford focus lx?

In the reservoir.

Where do you put freon in a Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer?

You can put Freon into your air conditioning system through the low pressure port. The low pressure port can be found on the top of your air conditioning compressor.