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Lincoln Continental

Where do you put the transmission fluid in a 1992 Lincoln Continental?


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2015-07-17 17:35:34
2015-07-17 17:35:34

Hopefully this helps. I have no actual knowledge of the Lincoln, but as with most other vehicles there is a tube with a dipstick in the engine bay for checking the transmission fluid level.

You get a transmission funnel and pour the fluid in through the dipstick tube.

To check for proper level most cars need to be at operating temperature.

Overfill is as bad as not enough fluid.


Just an added note:

On the Driver's side of the car, there is a dipstick near the firewall (or back of the engine) that is black in color. It doesn't stick up very high, and can be a little hard to see. I have a 1994 Lincoln, and I am pretty sure yours is located in the came place as mine.

... Jay


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