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manual transmission in a 1997 eclipse take 2.1 qts of mopar Transmission Fluid . there's a drain plug in bootom and filler plug is on side of transmission next to driver side axle

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Q: Where do you replace transmission fluid in a 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse with a manual transmission?
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Will a 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse manual transmission fit a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

Yes the transmission will fit in a 2000

Can a manual transmission from a 1990 Mitsubishi eclipse be put into an automatic 1994 Mitsubishi eclipse?

Yes it can.

How do you swap an automatic transmission for a manual in an eclipse?

whats required for swapping automatic to manual transmission in a Mitsubishi eclipse 1997

Can a manual transmission from a 2001 eclipse replace a automtic transmission of a 1997 eclipse?

no not even close to the same

What kind of transmission fluid does a 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse take?

its in your manual... i have a Mitsubishi eclipse gt 2002 manual and it needs SAE 75W-85W (GL-4) don't know about the A/T...

Are there any other starters that will fit a 1991 Mitsubishi eclipse with a 6 speed manual transmission?


How do you add trans fluid to a 2000 Mitsubishi eclipse GT v6 with manual transmission?

On the side of the transmission that faces to the front of the car, there is a plug that looks like a pipe plug. Take it out and fill it with your manual transmission fluid until it starts to come out. Then replace the plug.

How many quarts does a manual transmission on 2002 Mitsubishi eclipse gt take?

It takes 2 quarts.

Where would you find diagram how to take apart a 2004 Mitsubishi manual transmission eclipse?

You'll need a transmission manual. Available at your local auto parts store.

Where can you get instructions to replace a transmission on a 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

go to autozone or other parts store and buy a haynes auto manual for your specific model it should tell you how to remove it.

How do you remove and replace a 1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse gas tank?

Get a manual if you need pictures and it will tell you how also.

How much gearbox oil does a 2003 Mitsubishi eclipse 2.4 liter manual transmission take?

The 2.4L manual transaxle takes 3.0 quarts

What is the timing sequence for a 94 Mitsubishi eclipse 2.0L non turbo manual transmission?

what is the timing sequence on a 1994 Mitsubishi ecipes 2.0 leader no turbo??

Where do you add Find transmission fluid to a manual 96 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

You should be able to purchase the required fluid at any auto parts store, of course you would need to know which fluid to purchase.To find out take your VIN to the dealer and they should be able to tell you.But I believe that it is the 8th letter in your VIN that will tell you on a Mitsubishi1996 MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 2.0L 4-cyl Engine Code F DOHC Turbo1996 MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 2.4L 4-cyl Engine Code GManual Transmission,.....GL-475W-90, 75W-85WSynthetic Manual Transmission and Transaxle Gear Lube 75W-901996 MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 2.0L 4-cyl Engine Code Y DOHCManual Transmission,.....GLS[2]AMSOIL Synthetic Synchromesh Transmission FluidManual Transmission,.....GL-475W-90, 75W-85WSynthetic Manual Transmission and Transaxle Gear Lube 75W-90Hope This Helps.

How do you replace the heater core in a 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse non-turbo?

Get a manual on your car and do the job correctly.

How do you replace the rear sway bar on a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

Consult the Service Manual at

Where can you find some information from the factory manual of a 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

timing diagram for 1990 1.8 Mitsubishi eclipse

How do you replace a transmission on your own in a 1994 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

The question you ask is too involved for a proper answer. You need to go to a car parts store, and get a repair manual for your car. They cost about $16.00 Or, go to a Public Library.

What type of trans for a 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST turbo 2.0 motor 4 cylinder?

That model of Eclipse came with a 4 speed automatic or a 5 speed manual transmission.

What type of manual transmission fluid does a Mitsubishi eclipse 2001 take?

Buy BG Synchro Shift to use in your manual transmission; Mitsubishi highly recommends it to maintain smooth shifting. If Synchro Shift isn't available, any GL-4 transmission fluid of viscosity 75W90 is suitable. In the automatic transmission, use ATF+4 automatic transmission fluid.

Where is the transmission dipstick on a 1991 Mitsubishi 3000gt?

If it is a manual transmission their is not one.

Are all Mitsubishi Lancers equipped with manual transmission?


Where is the ECM located on the 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

The Engine Control Module (manual transmission), also known as PCM Powertrain COntrol Module (automatic transmission), is located interior under the glove box.

What is the transmission fluid capacity for a 04 Mitsubishi eclipse 2.4 liter rs?

Automatic 2.4L takes 8.1 quarts Manual 2.4L takes 2.3 quarts

Where do you add transmission fluid on a 1994 Mitsubishi mirage with a manual transmission?

A manual transmision doesnt use transmision fluid