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Where does a keyboard connect to?


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They connect to the USB port at the back of your computer. Its a rectangle shape and the wire from your keyboard should slot in there.

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Most laptops have a connection for an external keyboard or you can use a USB keyboard.

we need a keyboard to connect to the internet

Usually, the keyboard has a USB connection attached to it.

To serve as a place to connect a keyboard or mouse.

How do you connect a keyboard to a computer?First, get the keyboard and look at the wire. Then, connect the wire to the USB jack to your computer. If your keyboard is older, you are going to have to get an adapter for that or if your computer has the right jack then connect it to the other, older jack. Or if you have an older computer but newer keyboad then you will still have to get an adapter unless your computer has a USB then you wont have to get an adapter! Well, that how you connect a keyboard to your computer! Your Welcome!By: Nathaniel Johnson@ Nathans Music StudioEmail me at:

Yes you can connect your wireless and USB iMac keyboard to PC or other iMac's. If you want to know how there are some videos on YouTube to help you do this.

The iPad has a virtual keyboard that you type on on the screen. A wireless Bluetooth keyboard can also connect to the iPad.

Although others exist, typically only the PS2 or USB ports are used to connect a keyboard to a PC.

try pressing the connect button on your keyboard and wireless box

How do i connect my wireless usb keyboard/mouse to sony blue ray player

For Some, you have to plug in a USB that communicates with the keyboard. Just find your manufacturer online otherwise.

connect a USB keyboard to the wii's USB port.

If it's a very cheap keyboard, it may not have a midi out; but assuming it has, the easiest way is to get a midi to usb adaptor and connect using that.

There should be a plug in the back of your hard drive that either has a picture of a keyboard next to it, or the color of the hole matches the color of the plug on the keyboard.

no it will pause at the boot screen and tell you that you have a keyboard error. Simply shut down the Computer then connect the keyboard properly then reboot.

As far as i know, the xbox 360 is not equipped with bluetooth for the keyboard to connect to

If it's just a midi keyboard, then no. if it is also has a synth in it that makes sound, then yes.

Simple. Connect the USB Dongle to the Wii and press the little button. Then, press the switch on the back to ON on the keyboard and press the keyboard button.

A laptop keyboard would not work on a desktop because the connectors would not match up. Unless its a wireless keyboard that can connect thru bluetooth, the laptop keyboard would not work on a desktop.

USB, PS2, Serial, and Bluetooth

use supernatural abilities to connect with electricity and power your keyboard

Select the two edges and hit "f" on the keyboard.

The apple wireless keyboard can be connected simply by holding down the power button on the edge of the keyboard until the keyboard goes into discover mode. Then open your iPad settings Bluetooth and choose the Apple keyboard. USB keyboards cannot be connected to the iPad.

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