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Skunks are actually quite similar to foxes. They live in burrows and are quite solitary. They come out at night and tend to hunt for garbage as well as their more normal diet of small animals, eggs, some plants and berries.

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Where does a skunk live?

A skunk lives in forest borders,brushy areas,and grassy fields.

What type of environment does a skunk live in?

they usually live in the forest

How old will a skunk get?

A skunk can naturally live for up to 10 years. And, sometimes, maybe longer.

What biome does a skunk live in?

deciduous forest

What does a skunk live with?

other skunks :P

Where does a skunk live in the daytime?

any where it wants to

What is the lifespan of a skunk?

Lifespan of a SkunkThe lifespan of the striped skunk is usually about 2-3 years but they have been known to live past 15 years (wild).

How long does a skunk live?

it lives for about 50 years

When are skunks seen?

what kind of enviorment does a skunk live at

Could a skunk live in a rabbit burrow?

no they dont

Where does a spotted skunk live?

They are mostly found by farms

Where does a skunk live what is its habitat?

In the forest mostly ,but some skunks live in the city

Does a striped skunk have live birth or eggs?

live birth 4-7 kits.

How do you trap a skunk?

use a live trap that is covered baited with chicken, the cover is for the fact a skunk will spray when it sees you DO NOT LIFT COVER!!!

WHERE does a striped skunk live in North Carolina?

Robeson Creek

How long can a skunk live without water?

probably a week

How long does the average skunk live?

6-9 years

How do you free a skunk stuck in a live trap?

Cover the live trap with a dark material (i.e. tarp, blanket). Move trap to where you want to release the skunk. Open trap while cover is on and than remove cover and walk away. Within minutes, the skunk will walk out of the cage. (By covering it, the skunk does not see you or feel threatened.) My father-in-law has been doing this for years when a skunk wanders onto his property. He just relocates the skunk to another area.

Were does a skunk live?

The skunk can be found in most of the United States, Canada, Central America, and sometimes as far down as northern South America.

How long can a skunk live after drinking antifreeze?

6 to 8 hours

How long can skunk cleaner shrimp live out of water?

forever and ever

When can a skunk live without its mother?

When it's about 18 months old.

Does skunk live on grasslands?

Yes. It prefers to live in a mix of habitats, woods, grasslands, and agricultural clearings.

What type of skunk is in carlos and the skunk?

A striped skunk

Where is the habitat of skunk?

in forest's mostly, but i heard they can live quite high up