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He lands on the Forerunner planet (Halo Legends)

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Q: Where does master chief land at the end of Halo 3?
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Did Master Chief die at the end of Halo 3?

no he when to halo 4

Where did master chief land in the end of halo 3 legendary mode?

In a forerunner planet called Requiem.

What comes in 6?

in halo 6 the master chief will end his life

Does master chief ever get found after the end of halo 3?


Does the master chief get found at the end?

He might in a future Halo game.

Did the guy who detonated the bomb at the end of Halo Wars turn out to be Master Chief?

No. Halo Wars was set far before the happenings of Halo 1, which had the Master Chief in it. Sargent Forge (Also not sharing the same name with the Chief) was killed at the End of Halo Wars, and could not have lived on to take part in the happenings of Halo 1.

How come master chief does not make an appearance at the memorial at the end of halo 3?

Because at the end of Halo 3, Master Chief and Cortana don't make it through the portal in time so they are left drifting.

Who will win master chief vs halo reach?

master chief. the whole noble team died in the end of reach. master chief hasn't died in any of the halo games yet. he has much better training than them too

Are they making another halo game with master chief in it?

They have already made halo reach which does not include master chief the people replacing him are the noble team. Although at the end of the game in a cut scene you can see master chief in a tube where he is being preserved.

Which spartin is at the end of halo reach?

You are able to see master chief at the end of reach as an Easter egg.

What ship is master chief on at the end of halo 3?

He is on the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn

What is the name of the frigate Master Chief was on at the end of Halo 3?

Forward Unto Dawn

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