Where does r truth live?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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In waterford lakes

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Q: Where does r truth live?
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Who is better Carlito or R-truth?


Who sings R-Truth entrance music?


Is r truth out of the WWE?

No. R-Truth is currently injured.

Is r truth WWE in the tna?

r truth is in the wwe simple answer.

Who won r-truth vs John Cena?

r truth

What is r truth full name?

R-Truth's real name is Ronald "Ron" Killings.

Who sings R-Truth's What is Up?

Ron Killings aka R-TRUTH.

Is r truth on WWE 09?

No, R Truth is not on SvR 2009 the Game

What is R- truth's real name?

Ron killings,its on wikipedia.just put in r-truth

Who is better John Morrison or R Truth?

I say they are both amazing, but R-Truth

Where was r truth born?

Ron" R-Truth" Killings was born at Atlanta, Georgia

Who is crazy John cena or R truth?

R- truth is crazier because he has a temper