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Rey Mysterio was born in Chula Vista, California but lives in San Diago, California. Batista however was born in Washington D. C. but lives in Los Angeles.

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Q: Where does rey mysterio and batista come from?
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Is batista rey mysterio brother?

No, Batista and Rey Mysterio are not related.

Is batista rey mysterio brother in 2009?

No, Batista and Rey Mysterio are not related.

Who is stronger batista or rey mysterio?

Batista is the strongest of course. Batista is stronger than Rey Mysterio.

Are rey mysterio and batista still friends at survivor series?

I'll tell you something Batista and Rey Mysterio are not friends anymore during their match at Survivor Series because Batista did serious of Batista Bombs on poor Rey Mysterio and the referees took him away in a stretcher and I hate to say this BATISTA IS A BITCH!!!!!!Batista and Rey Mysterio are friends. It is just a storyline with Rey Mysterio and Batista not being friends.

Who is Rey Mysterio's worst enemy?

Rey Mysterio's worst enemy is Batista.

Are rey mysterio and Randy Orton brothers?

no they are not, rey mysterio brother is batista

Who is rey mysterio brother?


Are rey mysterio and batista related?

No, they are not.

Are rey mysterio and batista brothers?


Who is batista brother?

rey mysterio

Batista is brother of rey mysterio?


Are batista and rey mysterio related?

No they are not

What was the name of batista and rey mysterios tag team?

They never had an actual name. They always went by the name of either Batista & Rey Mysterio, or Rey Mysterio & Batista.

Who is rey mysterio best friend?

Rey Mysterio's best friend is "The Animal" Batista

Is rey mysterio and and bastia couisn?

No, Rey Mysterio and Batista aren't cousins but they are friends.

Why was batista annoyed with rey mysterio?

Batista had Undertaker pined and Rey pushed him over and tried to pin undertaker. So Mysterio. Batista would have won if Rey Wouldn't have hit him.

Are batista and rey mysterio still friends after survivor series?

no but rey wants to They are still friends, Batista and Rey Mysterio not being friends is just a storyline.

Are rey mysterio and batista cousins?

no they are brothers

What are rey mysterio brothers called?


Is rey mysterio and batista brathers?

yes they are

What are the names of rey mysterio's brothers?


Who is rey mysterio's tag team partner?

Batista is Rey Mysterio's Tag-Team Partner.

Who will win batista or rey mysterio?

Batista gon whoop tha 619 out of Rey Rey Never 619 All Day Batista would rip him apart, but mysterio is much much quicker than batista.

Is rey mysterio friends with batista?

"the 619 biggest little man" Rey Mysterio still has much respect and love for his 'like' brother but wonders what? was the attack for after the fatal four way match (Undertaker, CM Punk, Batista & Rey Mysterio). - taaufaa.Yes, Rey Mysterio and Batista really are friends

Who is better rey mysterio or batista?

rey is better.batista took steroids