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Where does the dish moussaka come from?

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The dish moussaka comes for the area of the Mediterranean. Versions of this dish are served in Greece, Turkey, and Balkan.

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Why is moussaka a greek dish?

Moussaka is a Greek dish, because it orignated from Greece!

What is moussaka a popular dish in?

Moussaka is a popular dish in the Balkan and Mediterranean regions.

What country does moussaka come from?

Moussaka is an baked dish made with thinly sliced layers of eggplant, ground beef and a bechamel sauce. It is traditionally a Greek dish.

What is the country of origin of Moussaka and what is it?

Greece is the country origin of the dish Moussaka. Classic Moussaka ( as commonly seen in America) is a dish made with Eggplant . But it can be created with other vegetables and ground meat.

What country did the food moussaka come from?

This is a popular dish of Greece, though I cannot say whether it originated there or not.

What traditional Greek dish uses aubergines?


Where is moussaka grown?

Moussaka is not grown it is a Greek dish that is made with ground lamb and eggplant and topped with a bechamel sauce. Delicious!

Where does moussaka come from?

It is a Greek dish consisting of layers of ground lamb or beef and sliced eggplant topped with a cheese sauce and baked.

Where did moussaka come from?


Which Greek dish consists mainly of aubergines and lamb?

mollousk Moussaka

Greek dish with meat eggplant cheese and white sauce?


What are the origins of moussaka?

Greece While many believe it came from Greece it actually came from Egypt. It is an Arabic dish not a Greek dish. The original name is: musaqqa'a

Where does Moussaka came from?

Mousakka doesn't come from greece. it is not a Greek food, its name is arabic I think but it is a turkish dish which is cooked in Turkey,the middle east, in most of the balkan countries including Greece, mainly in the regions which were ruled by Turks for centuries.

What is the duration of The Attack of the Giant Moussaka?

The duration of The Attack of the Giant Moussaka is 1.5 hours.

What is the spice mix for shepherds pie moussaka or is it two different dishes?

The dishes you are mentioning are totally different. For one, shepherds pie is an Irish dish made with a type of meat stew and topped with mashed potatoes and is typically mild on spice and flavor allowing the flavor of the meat to dominate the dish. Moussaka is an Greek dish of eggplant and ground lamb with bechamel sauce on top and baked. I've made both and you can spice the ground lamb with garlic, oregano, and saute with some red wine if you'd like.

Where does moussaka originate from?


What are the ratings and certificates for Moussaka and Chips - 2005?

Moussaka and Chips - 2005 is rated/received certificates of: Ireland:PG

What ingredients are used in a typical moussaka recipe?

While typical recipes for moussaka generally call for eggplant as one of the primary ingredients, authentic traditional Greek moussaka is different. Its primary ingredients are potatoes and lamb. Bechamel sauce (a sort of cream sauce) is also common in moussaka recipes, as are cheese, onions, and herbs and spices.

How do you make vegetarian moussaka?

The absolutely best way to learn how to make the most delicious and nutritious vegetarian moussaka is to follow the related link.

What are Souvlaki Spanakopita Moussaka made out of?


What specialty foods do they have in Bulgaria?

Kapama, Moussaka, Banitsa

What do they eat in Greece?

Quite the same that we eat here, in Brazil: meat, chicken, bread, olives, vegetables and so on. One of their traditional dish is the "Moussaka" and is made with eggplant, meat sauce and topped with a thick béchamel sauce.

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