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Prior to 1956 Ford used a Positive ground system. So, if your vehicle iss still original and unaltered, it should go to ground/ the frame.

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How do you replace positive battery cable on 1997 Ford F150?

Remove - battery cable Remove + battery cable from battery and starter solenoid Route new cable following original routing Connect to starter solenoid Connect to + battery terminal Connect - battery cable

How do you hook up a 1990 ford f150 battery?

Answer Red cable (+) goes to starter solenoid and Positive side of battery Black (-) cable goes to engine ground. When disconnecting a battery always disconnect the ground cable from the battery first. When connecting a battery always connect the ground cable to the battery last.

Which is the negative battery cable on a 1992 ford ranger?

The one hooked to the negative battery post. The positive post is slightly larger.

Where is the starter on a 91 Ford Tempo?

Follow your red or positive cable from the battery down. It is connected to the starter.

Where is the starter solenoid located on a 1988 Ford Ranger?

It should be attached to the short positive battery cable.

Were is starter in 2000 Ford Focus zx3?

Follow the positive cable from the battery, it will lead right to the starter.

Where is a starter for a 2000 ford excursion located?

On the bellhousing next to the engine. Follow the big positive battery cable.

How do you replace a 1997 ford explorer positive battery cable?

Did you figure it out? Because I'm trying to figure it out myself.

Where is the solenoid switch on a 1998 Ford Ranger?

its mounted on the fender well under the hood on the same side as the battery, the positive battery cable will be connected to it

Where is the solenoid located on a 2000 Ford Ranger?

The starter solenoid should be located on the inside fender close to the battery. It will have the positive battery cable connected to it.

Where is the location of the solenoid on the Ford Ranger?

it is located on the side of the passenger side front fender. usually by the battery. if its not then just follow your positive battery cable.

How do you connect a battery cable on a 1999 Ford Escort Sport?

After removing the positive and negative cable, follow the negative cable to where it's grounded to the wheel well. Remove the end of the cable with the wrench. Track the positive cable to its connection on the driver's side of the engine and remove it with the wrench. Now, attach the new positive cable first and install the negative cable last and start the car to ensure that the connections are working on your Ford Escort.

Where is the starter located on a 1976 ford F100?

You didn't mention what size engine you have but, if you follow the positive battery cable from the battery it will lead you to the starter relay, then to the starter.

Why wont your 1998 Ford ranger start all you hear is a click it has a new starter and the battery is fully charged?

You have a voltage drop in either the positive or negative battery cable. Clean all of your cable end connections ( at the starter, the engine block and again at the battery terminals). You have a voltage drop in either the positive or negative battery cable. Clean all of your cable end connections ( at the starter, the engine block and again at the battery terminals).

Where is the starter solenoid in a 1990 Ford e150?

Facing the engine compartment, on the left hand side directly in front of the battery attached to the front wall. Follow the large cable from the positive battery cable and you will find it.

Where is the starter solenoid on a 1998 Ford Explorer?

it is bolted to the fender next to the battery find the positive side of the battery and simply floolow it to the solenoid. shout be a short cable.

Where is the fusible link located on a Ford F-150?

The fusible link is located on the positive battery cable for a Ford f-150. There should be a little box around the cable with the words "fusible link" on it.

Do you have to deactivate the airbag to repair the Ignition switch in a 2000 Ford Ranger?

ABSOLUTELY ! disconnect your negative battery cable , then your positive battery cable , and wait at least 2 minutes for the back up power supply to drain

Why does the positive battery terminal keep corroding?

I recently had this happen to my 2007 ford fusion it was under warranty so i took it to the dealer and they said it was caused from the battery leaking at the Post's,they replaced the battery and the positive cable and i have not had any other problems with it since.

Where is the starter relay located on a 1994 ford f-150?

I believe it should be bolted to the inner fender close to the battery , just follow your positive battery cable

On which side of the starter solenoid does the positive battery cable go to on a 1984 ford mustang v8?

There should be 2 large terminals on your starter, with one already having a small cable running to the inside of the casing. The battery cable connects to the other (opposite) one.

Where is the solenoid on ford truck?

Should be on the passenger inner fender. Start at the battery and follow the positive cable. First thing you come to is the solenoid.

How do you tell the difference between the negative and positive battery cables on a 2000 ford escort?

The positive cable is connected to the alternator and starter. The negative cable is connected to the chassis or engine ground. Positive is red and negative is black. The positive post is slightly larger than the negative post.

How do you erase check engine light on a 1995 ford contour?

Disconnect the positive battery cable. wait a few minutes then reconnect the cable. the light should go out, & the codes will be cleared.

Why would your 1990 ford ranger not get power from the battery?

battery cable connection , dead battery