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well there is a fuse for it in the fuse panel but ther are usually as many as 3 hot wires for the for power,and one for memory for sure.sometimes they use a separate wire for realy need to get a wiring schematic for it. sometimes you can find them in the haynes manuals available at auto zone.if the radio does not work at all and the fuse is not blown, then just replace the radio itself. the radio is usually the problem rather than the wiring. if you have a 12 volt tester the hot wires are usually easy to find .just remove the radio from the dash, conect the negative lead to a good ground, set the meter to 12 v dc , unplug the harness from the radio, and go from wire to wire with your positive lead until you find a wire reading 12 volts with the key in the off possition.the hot wire you find will be the memory. to find the main power wire do the same with the key in the on possition and the wire that becomes hot with the key on will be your main power.if the fuse is not blown, and you still don't find power, than you have a bad harness, wich is pretty rare. you will probably have to have a owners manual to find out where the fuse is in the fuse panel because i found most fords don't mark the fuses on the panel itself.i believe it will be a 20 or 25 amp fuse.hope i help.

2011-09-15 10:46:09
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Push or turn the power button.Push or turn the power button.

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Please advise where the radiator cap is located on a 1994 ford thunderbird. I have to add a stop leak product to stop antifreeze leak and I cannot locate the cap.

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It is inside of the gas tank.

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1994 TBird has an R134 system. You can buy charge kits at any auto parts store. How do you put freon in a 1994 Ford Thunderbird Lx coupe so that the air conditioner can work?

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Under the hood. There is a power distribution box that has multiple fuses in it the fuel pump one should be a 20 amp.

How do you take out the stock cassette player in a 1994 Ford Thunderbird?

FORD RADIO REMOVALYou should purchase a set of ford radio removal tools .. they slide in on both sides of the radio in the two holes.Once you insert them push in on them about half an inch and you should feel them catch,,then pry out ward slightly on both tools this will release the radio and pull forward .. your done.