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Where does the surname Kochel come from?

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Kochel is a German surname meaning cook or chef. Other forms of the name include Koch, Koche, Kochl, and Kochlin.

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What does K stand for in Mozart's work?

it mean kochel because a man named kochel catergorised mozart's works

How are mozarts work catalogued?

Mozart's works were catalogued by Kochel. The K number comes from his name. Sometimes KV is used as "Kochel Verz".

What has the author Ludwig Kochel written?

Ludwig Kochel has written: 'Chronologisch-thematisches Verzeichnis sa mtlicher Tonwerke Wolfgang Amade Mozarts'

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What does V stand for in Mozart's works?

Mozart's works are usually numbered as "K numbers". His works were catalogued by L. Kochel. Sometimes, KV is used to denote 'Kochel Verz'.

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