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Toyota Camry

Where does the transmission fluid go in an 89 Toyota Camry?


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2005-01-15 18:59:47
2005-01-15 18:59:47

It is installed in the same tube you use to check the fluid. Do not overfill!


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The drain plug on an 89 Toyota Camry 4WD is on the bottom of the transmission. The fill plug is located approximately six inches to the rear of the drain plug.

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What is the proper head bolt torque for a 89 toyota camry 2.2?

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Diagram Where is the thermostat on a 89 toyota camry v6

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An 89 Cutlass Ciera holds 7.4 quarts of transmission fluid. When servicing the vehicle, a portion of the fluid remains in the transmission and will not be added back.

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most cars you have to add the transmission fluid through the dipstick hole leading into the transmission its self

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