Where does the zebra live?

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Zebras live in Eastern, southwestern and Southern African grasslands, with the largest populations in Kenya and Tanzania.
zebras live in plains or grasslands.
Zebras are naturally found in Africa, specifically eastern, southwestern, and southern Africa. ( There are actually three types of zebra; Grevy's Zebra, Mountain Zebra, and most commonlly known, the Plains Zebra.)

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Q: Where does the zebra live?
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What kind of house does a zebra live in?

Zebra's live outdoors.

What layer does a zebra live in?

Dose a zebra or monkey live in Australia

When was Live - Zebra album - created?

Live - Zebra album - was created in 1990.

What does a zebra live?

They live in Africa.

Where does a zebra live?

A zebra lives in the plains of south Africa.

What is zebra unable to do after he is hit by a car?

zebra is unable to live. poor zebra. RIP stripy.

Where does the zebra butterfly live?

they live in zoo

My aunt has a zebra finch in her backyard. We live in Canada. I read that zebra finches live in Australia. Do zebra finches ONLY live in the wild in Australia?

No, zebra finches can also be found in pet stores outside of Australia.

Does a zebra live independently?


How old is a zebra?

A zebra can live to around 10 years of age.

How long can a zebra finch live?

A zebra finch can live up to 5 to 7 years if its in captivity.

How old does a zebra live?

As old as you want it to live

What continent does the zebra live in?

Zebras live in Africa

Does a zebra live alone or in a group?

They live in groups.

Where do foal zebras live?

Zebra's live in Africa.

Does a zebra live in a tundra?

No. They live in the grasslands of Africa.

Do Zebra Sharks give live birth?

No, Zebra Sharks do not give live birth. Instead, they lay eggs.

Where do zebra live?

the grasslands of Africa

What temperature do zebra live in?

how would i no??

What is a zebra's home?

they live in the saanha

What is a zebra's climate?

is where zebras live

Does a zebra live in a biome?


Where does a zebra live in?

In a grassland or prairie

Do zebra live in mountains?

No they dont

What community does a zebra live in?