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The Vacuum line usually connects to the brake booster , or atleast it does in my Ford Explorer

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Q: Where does transmission vacuum line connect?
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Where does the vacuum line on a turbo350 transmission connect on a small block Chevy?

It hooks to a vacuum port on the intake manifold behind the carb.

Where does the transmission vacuum hose connect to on 1996 mercury villager?

There is no transmission vacuum hose. That is a vent hose.

How do you fix transmission oil going into the engine in a 1994 Ford Ranger King Cab?

Check for a vacuum module on the transmission. If you see a vacuum line between the transmission and engine, disconnect the line and look for transmission fluid inside the line. If you see transmission fluid in the line, replace the vacuum module. It probably has a split or damaged diaphragm inside.

Is there a vacuum line on a 1989 Dodge transmission?


Where is a vacuum line on a transmission on2004 ford explorer?

The transmission is electronically controlled

Is there a vacuum line going to the transmission on a 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue?


Can you run a transmission with out the vacuum line on a 84 350 Chevy?


Why is the transmission in your 83 Ford V150 not shifting out of first gear?

Be sure the vacuum supply line from the engine to the transmission vacuum modulator is not disconnected.

How many vacuum lines does a 1973 1600cc vw engine have?

It depends on which distributor and transmission you have. The stock distributor has one vacuum line going to it. An autostick transmission has one line. If you have a manual transmission and a Bosch 009 distributor like most people do, you have no vacuum lines.

Where is the transmission vacuum line on a 96 Chevy pick up with 4.3?

That transmission does not have a modulator valve that makes it shift it is all computor controlled. Therefore it don't have a vacuum line on it anywhere. it does have a small rubber line on it that is a VENT hose.

Where is the brake booster vacuum line connected to?

the line is connected to the carburettor if you have one or to the intake manifold after the throttle valve. The purpose is to connect intake vacuum to the booster.

Does a 1995 pu require a vacuum line to tranny?

NO. That year transmission is electronic controlled. NO vacuum source needed.

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