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The 1990 Plymouth EGR valve is located on the outside of the air cleaner housing. The EGR valve can be found on the back side of the housing.


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There is no egr valve on a 1990 Mazda MPV 6 cylinder

1990 -1993 injected Festivas do not have a EGR valve

the egr valve is on the engine, usually on the top near the air filter

The EGR valve is on top of the engine. It is mounted on the drivers side towards the rear.

the EGR valve is just under the distributor cap

It is on the side of the head, over the transmision.

should be directly behind the throttle body carb.

The EGR valve is located at the front of the h22a4 engine. The EGR valve is right beside of the front of the EGR valve.

Some vehicles dont have EGR Valve... I have a 90 Caravan, same engine as yours, basically the same thing as what you have and it has the EGR valve, then again, same engine in my 92 Dodge Spirit and it has no EGR Valve... the EGR is just mainly an emissions thing to help keep down on air polution. If yours did have the EGR Valve, they are really easy to spot, its on the left of the throttle body and the EGR Valve even says EGR right on top of it, so if you do have the valve you will know it very easily with or without any book or diagrams.

It doesn't have an Egr valve.It doesn't have an Egr valve.

If equipped, it is behind and to the passenger side of the throttle body.

Starter solenoid: on the starter.EGR: on the egr valvetransmission: on the valve body in the trans.Starter solenoid: on the starter.EGR: on the egr valvetransmission: on the valve body in the trans.

The EGR ( exhaust gas recirculation ) valve is located behind the throttle body on the passenger side.

Yes, the EGR valve, or port EGR

At least some Aerostars (like the 1990 3 liter) do not have an EGR valve, they use a 3 way catalytic converter.

disconnect the hose and remove 2 bolts.

It does not have EGR.It does not have EGR.

1) Unplug the electrical connector for the EGR valve lift sensor. 2) Remove the two nuts that secure the EGR valve and detach the valve. 3) Clean the mating surfaces of the EGR valve and adapter. 4) Install the EGR valve using a new gasket. Tighten the nuts securely. 5) Plug in the electrical connector. These instructions come from the Haynes repair manual for Honda Accord 1990-1993 which also has good illustrations.

As I recall, that engine does not have an EGR valve.

does a Hyundai tiburon have a egr valve

There is NOT an EGR valve on this engine.

The PCM controls the EGR valve, so the EGR position sensor tells the PCM what position the EGR valve is in, so it can control the EGR valve and ake other necessary adjustments.

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